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Player Rating Game

i love flannery's playing so i'd say 83 to 85 range (or at least it should be!)

sitiveni sivivatu
I'm sure Jerry Collins would have something to say about that.

Anyway, 84

<strike>My Cat</strike> Mike Catt
vickerman is good i'd say a good 84

how about francois steyn overall and his kicking power rating :eek:
kick power - not sure depends on what everyone else is rated, but i do think he should have the strongest boot in the game - in the high 90s.. but he still shouldn't be able to kick the field like in 06

overall i think


what about:

George Gregan
Very high, One of the best full backs in the SH (And he wants to be a fly-half??)


Christian Cullen
75 but improving

brian carney (rugby league convert, former great britain player now with munster and ireland)

Denis Hickie, Geordan Murphy and Brian Carney as Irelands back 3 for the world cup is as dangerous in atack as any other teams.


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