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Got it streaming, but there's no sound which is a bugger. So I'll be watching this and writing an essay on social security, the NHS and education at the same time! Fun all the way!
Bad luck on Jonny O'Connor. Just got hit with a stinger by Alix Popham. Out cold :(

Good to see that Alix isn't holding back with his challenges though :D
Barry Davies = Legend

Just skipped past the challenge of Staunton, beat van Gisbergen for pace and then Tom Voyce missed an ankle tap for Davies to score the try. Hercus converted.


Wasps penalised for holding on, then the penalty is moved forward 10 yards for dissent. Hercus misses from 40 yards.

10-3 now, a penalty from either side.

O' Connor put into next week. Looks like it's gonna be a physical game.
Voyce has just scored from an interception.

10-8 with a simple conversion to come.
This game has been a let down to be honest. Error count too high for both sides, and it is just becoming a bore to watch.

McKenzie was poor as well, very greedy. I just hope O'Connor and Easterby are alright.
As accidental as the injuries to O'Connor and Easterby were, both were completely avoidable. Each was caused by the tackler being too upright going into contact. The first thing you're taught when you're learning to tackle is to go low and put your shoulder on the ball-carriers' hip, but you hardly ever see this in professional rugby. If Popham had been lower, O'Connor's head wouldn't have been trapped, and if Easterby was lower he wouldn't have smashed his head into MVG's shoulder.

They were two unfortunate incidents, but are symptomatic of modern professional rugby and people searching for big hits instead of being technically sound.
Easterby was seen to be moving around and watching the game from the touchline, so he'll be OK.

Yeah it wasn't a great match and Llanelli weren't really in it from the end of the first half. Llanelli just seemed to rush it too much and they made basic errors, though I'll give them that the weather didn't help. Wasps had too much for them in the end.
That game was such a bore I fell asleep :zzz: , missed the last few kicks at the end, I woke up to find Mark Madden! :blink:

I thought the ball was going to be thrown around like Bath's semi, but in the end it was like watching a boring football game.

Also I am really starting to dislike Alix Popham, he just looks like a right smarmy git with his girly blond hair. He tries to impose himself on the game too much with 'hits' but not good tackling. Does he ever actually tackle?

This game wasn't a good one for the Irish, O'Connor,Easterby and Lewis got injured, and Staunton was utter ****.

Oh well roll on next year.

Originally posted by Black-Monday@Apr 9 2006, 05:18 PM
and Staunton was utter ****.
Staunton is utter ****. No idea why they signed him, he was **** at Quins and they got relegated, suprised they didn't learn from that.

Dull game, as I predicted (Los Lover eat your heart out :rolleyes: ).

Wasps forwards just had too much power, and Llanelli's backs were pedestrian. Hercus was ****, seen him turn in far better performances.
Wales had better hope that Jenkins will be more imaginative if he got the job, nothing was tried against the blitz. Surely they could be a bit more imaginative, but that was down to poor half backs.

Dallaglio also looked pedestrian, Easterby had him until he went off and that turned the game.

MVG also looked rather average, if you could find me any more full backs who think they can kick I'll explode. He offers the defensive and offensive capalities of a dead fish, useless.

Did Mark Jones even get the ball, as it seemed the scarlet midfield thought, 'ah some blitz, lets knock on.'

I'll think of some more points on which I am angry about, actually thought of one. Shoot Brian Moore, useless old school *******. He can't commentate on a game of tiddly winks before complaining.

Originally posted by Black-Monday@Apr 9 2006, 05:35 PM
Shoot Brian Moore, useless old school *******. He can't commentate on a game of tiddly winks before complaining.
Brian Moore is the best commentator the Beeb have had since McLaren. By a mile.

I think his comments are hilarious, he tells it exactly how it is.

Butler - "Davies can kick the ball even further than Gavin Henson"

Moore - "How interesting"


He also knows a heck of a lot (more than me anyway) about forward play, so his analysis is good to listen to.
Staunton is a joke of a player.

Hercus' interception was so funny when he saw the open space in front of him and the Wasps players chasing back and just panicked and ended up throwing that bullshit pass inside to Jones.
Brian Moore gives an insight into front row play that no other commentator matches (including those on Sky).

Butler's an arse though. I'm surprised the BBC or Sky hasn't gone after John Taylor who only seems to commentate on the RWC every four years with ITV. God knows what he does in between tournaments.
Originally posted by Black-Monday@Apr 9 2006, 04:35 PM
MVG also looked rather average, if you could find me any more full backs who think they can kick I'll explode. He offers the defensive and offensive capalities of a dead fish, useless.
He may of had a bad game today, but that is very harsh.
I have one more negative comment and then I'll apologise, but some are true. I have a dislike for Brian Moore, but you may like him.

Also, I have seen MVG alot and he nothing better than what is around at the moment. Without the kicking he wouldn't make the wasps starting lineup.

Anyway Llanelli really need Stephen Jones, why do think Sale Sharks shipped out Hercus?

When we get Stephen back, we will be pretty immense. Great half-backs, great centres, great back three, great second row and a great back row. Even our front row ain't half bad.
BM, who would you suggest is better though for fullback for England?

I'm suprised no one has commented on Lewsey yet. His contact skills today were really bad for him.