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Pre season friendlies thread


St Helens RLFC

Well, they get under way today. We're at Wrexham.

Discuss your countdown to the new season in here!
We're away at Crewe today, strong team:

Likely first half team:

El Zhar

Likely second half team:

Chelsea i know are playing the LA Beckhams sometime in july as part of their usa summer tour
... You mean the LA Sellouts... I can't believe they changed from green and gold (something original) to Real colors just to emphasize that he's there...

That being said I AM glad he's here...
i dont think they changed it to look like reals, i think they just changed it because

1.) Easier on the eyes than green and gold
2.) National Spotlight you have to have a nice shirt
3.) They needed to look more professional anyways

its actually a really nice looking shirt now
You may be right... I just like the green and gold is all... And I mean... why do you do this in the MIDDLE of the season?!
...because Beckham brought an influx of money to your club when he joins mid-season?
perhaps, but we'll still be bottom of the table by season's end. Football, like rugby... is a team game... and buying beckham isn't going to change the fact that we've got Becks, Donovan, Abel Xavier, and eight other tossers out on the pitch...

But I promise... I'm happy he's here... I'll finally be able to watch him play...
We take on neighbours Hartlepool next Tuesday, the nine days later take on Celtic.
Sorry fellas the Hartlepool game was yesterday. The Celtic game is next week.

Hartlepool 1 - Newcastle 3

Two goals from Shola Ameobi and one from Michael Owen.
Liverpool 3 - 2 Bremen

I'll be honest, I was quietly impressed with that last night. Our pre-season looks good. This is the opposite of last season where our pre-season was dire. I'm hoping that this is a sign for a strong start to the season. The fitness levels are looking good and it was just good to watch.

Voronin looks the business. Took his goals well, the second in particular was a class finish. He is going to play more than a bit part role from what I can see. Tucked his goals away and was generally a menace here and there. Few sloppy balls here and there but it's pre-season. Voromania is about to explode into life. And anyone who says otherwise is a Communist.

Torres also looked very sharp and impressive. Got longer than I thought and could have had a couple of goals to his name in the time he was on. Should have scored them both to be honest but that will come. Let's be fair, Wiesse made a world class save to block the rebound. Once he gets his fitness and is a few games into his career, we'll see someone who looks like a £20 million footballer. Very impressed.

Benayoun and Babel looked a bit far off the pace. I'm slightly worried that Babel is the Gerrard of the left - STOP DRIFTING IN! I can see me saying that over and over at the games next season. STOP BUNCHING! However he looked a handful, and Benayoun is a nightmare to deal with for any defender. So skilful and graceful.

Not all sweetness and light though. The defence looked a bit ropey in the second half, down the left hand side in particular and that needs working on. How comical was their disallowed goal, by the way? How on earth did the game resume with a bounce up? Absolutely crackers, that was. Their player was about 5 yards offside, rounded the keeper scored and the goal was initially given. When someone eventually pointed out that he was in next season's pre-season the goal was wiped and the game resumed.... with a bounce up. Absolutely breathtakingly incompetent.

Some of the other lads looked sharp as well. Pennant looked excellent again, Stephen Derby was silently excellent, Alonso well in touch etc etc.

A good night's work - but the need for a good left back (so not Heinze then!) can't help but jump out and bite me on the nose.
Liverpool four from four in friendlies and looking good this season strong squad and maybe we will finally challenge, we have the strikers

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