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I tried the link on your signature and the one you posted and they both came up with a winrar message saying it was corrupted. I tried on my dads computer and the same thing happened.

@Cex panther the fixtures and everything remain the same. As ozzy says it really just a roster update.
ok i can make one for ya no problem with that, i just need to find the australia a and the barbarian numbers.

ill whip up a quick 6N torny editor tomorrow lol
can someone please put this file into their EA Sports Rugby 2006 directory (where the rugby 06.exe is) change the extention from .txt to .rsg and let me know if it works for 6Nations?

its just changing the teams for what ozzy wants, dont know if it works or not, but if it does then we have a torny editor coming out soon.

you will need to right click and save as to get the file to where you need it, clicking it will only open it and you dont want that cause it wont work and you wont be able to see anything.

I am at work so i cant do it :(
Hey Woosah, thanks for doing that and I would have been happy to try it out except that my comp blew up last night. Anyone know what component could be damaged if the Mobo light still comes on, but the comp won't even switch on. Do you reckon it's the cpu or the mobo that's doing it. You can rule out the PSU as I just replaced it. I thought if the mobo is receiving power you'd at least get it to boot up and get a beep code or something.
well if it was ram it would have beeped, same if it was gpu...

can you turn it on hold down the home key, do this a few times see if you get a beep and see if it turns on.

if nothing then it sounds like your mobo has given up the ghost (and also we would count out the psu because you get a light)
That's just what I needed to know. Cheers guys. I'm hoping it's a mobo problem as they are relatively cheap. It doesn't even switch on at all, only get the LED light on the MOBO to show that it is receiving power. Holding the home key down doesn't have any effect it doesn't turn on at all.
Glad I can rule out RAM and ESPECIALLY the gpu. Looks like I need a new mobo.
Hey Woosah could you or someone else save ozzy's latest roster to the file that overwrites the default roster and put it on here. Thnx.
Good stuff. I forgot to mention I also included the default roster file which you can just pop in the installation directory for rugby06 to make all the roster changes be reflected in the World League mode.
Btw Woosah does that file you attached in your post above, the one you rename to .rgd work, sorry but I couldn't quite work out if you were saying it didn't work or not.
Hi I was wondering if some of you NH chaps could help us SH fellows out and tell us what your top sides are since we can't determine that for ourselves seeing as England, Wales and France have all sent their cheerleaders in place of actual test sides.
So if any of you could list your current top sides, that'd be great. Cheers all.

1) Gethin Jenkins
2) Matthew Rees
3) Chris Horsman
4) Brent Cockbain
5) Alun Wyn Jones
6) Colin Charvis
7) Martyn Williams
8) Alix Popham
9) Dwayne Peel
10) James Hook
11) Shane Williams
12) Gavin Henson
13) Tom Shanklin
14) Mark Jones
15) Gareth Thomas

16) Rhys Thomas (the hooker)
17) Duncan Jones
18) Jonathan Thomas
19) Ryan Jones
20) Mike Phillips
21) Stephen Jones
22) Kevin Morgan

23) Adam Jones
24) Mefin Davies
25) Robert Sidoli
26) Gavin Thomas
27) Michael Owen
28) Gareth Cooper
29) Ceri Sweeney
30) Chris Czekaj

I'm basing this on the squads we had for the 2007 Six Nations and the tour to Australia, so I've probably missed out someone really notable.
Cheers PJ, great effort. Now if we can just get some english fellow to reply that would be great, but I have a sneaking suspicion that most english fans will have about as much of an idea of the form players in their country as their coach does.
As for France well I'm not holding my breath as we have such a small number of frenchies on trf.
Oh that's right I almost forgot all about the paddies, but I think the default team in 06 is still mostly the same...........

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