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Sale Vs Northampton



Northampton, with 1 win under their belt, travel to visit the Champions, who don't.

Sale wipes the floor with the Saints in this fixture last season, but this time Carlos Spencer isn't injured.

All discussion here.
Be a very difficult trip for Saints. Yes, Spencer isn't injured, but Sale will be hungry for victory following their defeat at the hands of Leicester.

On top of this, Clarke's injury looks to have left us with a slight void of creativity at 13. Having watched him in the last couple of Wanderers fixtures, I wonder if Rob Laird might be the man to temporarily fill the gap in JC's absence. I wasn't too convinced with Kydd as a 13 when he came on against the Falcons, whereas Laird has bags of pace and may be the sort of player to create something from nothing in a tight midfield.
Gonna keep this one short and sweet,

I reckon Sale by 10.... Saints will struggle away from home especially against a team who will want to get some points on the board after a disapointing loss to rivals Leicester...
Jason Robinson will be Sale's key this week; If he's on form and Saint's defence dowsn't improve compared to the Newcastle game, he'll tear us apart.

If he's playing like last season, Sale wont score thanks to the backs after Tupai eats Hodgson alive and Cueto gets owned by Cohen.

I'm not going to jinx this one.
Doesn't sound like we were too bad. And outscoring the reigning champions 3 tries to 2 in their own back yard can't be a bad thing.

We were missing Cohen for some reason though, which didn't help, and Clarke's absence will obviously be a big blow.

Annoying not to get a bonus point, but at least it seems like there are a number of positives to take away.
Just saw the highlights on Sky. Lund's try was bizarre; the Saints clearance was charged down, and he was clearly a metre in front the Sale player who touched it, nevertheless, he picked the ball up, but then stopped. Reihana, who was running to tackle him also stopped and everyone was looking at the ref for him to blow up. When he said play on, Lund practically walked over while Saints wondered what was going on.

It may have been a borderline decision from where the ref was standing, but it was clear on the TV (and to the players). I don't see why the TMO can't be used in this situation (considering the game was on Sky). Only using the video replay in the in-goal area is a strange quirk of union law at the minute, and it has often been influential (i.e. Howley's try in the Heineken Cup Final for Wasps V Toulouse, when the ball bounced on the touchline before the try was scored).
Went to show on a number of occasions that David Rose is simply the worst referee in rugby. The 2 points that spring to mind are Lunds try and when the ball was batted out of Spencers hands by some Sale player, therefore giving Sale the scrum for a knock on :blink:

Also, Hodgson was magnificent but the rest of the Sale lineup were dirty cheating ********. Especially the over rated fat monkey, Sheridan.

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