Scheduled TRF downtime

Discussion in 'Site News & Suggestions' started by St Helens RLFC, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I just want to let you know that there is going to be some downtime over the coming weekend. I envisage it being Saturday and most of Sunday, UK time, but that could of course change depending on how everything goes.

    The reason for this is because we are making some major changes to the forum. I am going to keep these close to the chest for now, but I am really excited about them and it will change the look of TRF without removing any of the familiarity you're used to now.

    There will of course be plenty of opportunities for you to leave any feedback you might have for us. Your thoughts are important us and we value your opinions. Feel free to discuss this in the forum feedback section as and when you have had time to have a look around. But please let us know what you think – if you don't like something, tell me!

    I apologise for us being away for a bit, but we need to get the site ready for things like the radio show and the magazine. It's for your benefit though, trust me!

    Best wishes,

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