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Springbok Scrumhalf of world cup? Who?



Hi, im Kojack. personally I think we have an problem at scrumhalf (not with the talent or physical strength) but with the primary and alternative player. Fourie Du preez is excellent in attack and defence, but also is Ruan Pienaar? The difference between this two great players are Ruan lights a fire in the team that no one can. My opinion is Primary position Ruan Pienaar and Butch James. The other choice is Fourie and Andre Pretorius. Thanx
It has to be Fourie, the best scrummie in SA by far. I would also have picked Heinie Adams in front of Januarie. Ricky is unstable he gives away needless penalties and isn't alwys consistent in his play.
Plus from the outside looking in... it always looks like a Bok is going to smack him before the opposition does... No mention of Grant there Bull?
Who Peter Grant? Januarie is just silly, he does stupid stuff that can really cost a team.
I think it must be Ruan Pienaar. He played better in the Super 14 than Fourie :)

I think it must be Ruan Pienaar. He played better in the Super 14 than Fourie
I think it must be Ruan Pienaar. He played better in the Super 14 than Fourie :)

I think it must be Ruan Pienaar. He played better in the Super 14 than Fourie

Did you watch last years S14 or something?
Du Preez by a country mile gents. Sure Pienaar has all the skills, but Du Preez is just that little bit more refined a player. He`s got more composure under pressure, can kick equally well off both feet, and is brilliant falling back and covering. Also excellent in defense. Plus he`s used to making a very average no.10 in Hougaard look like a champion at CC and S14 level.
I'd feel alot safer in the big games with Du Preez and Pretorius, than Pienaar and James, if I was South African. I don't find the Sharks pair as intimidating from an AB fan's perspective. Those two (FDP & AP) can really exploit opportunities in a game.

Leave Pienaar to carve up from the bench, like he did earlier this year for the Boks, with Steyn.

The Bok loosies can cover the inside channel sufficiently to make up for Pretorius' slighter weaker defensive abilities and he is a far better tactical kicker than Butch along with having more creativity.

FDP was the world's best halfback before he got injured (hard to say for a Kiwi). I don't think much will have changed once he comes back.
It pretty much depends who we playing. Big games I would probably go with Du Preez and Butch, you know what you get from them, and theres less chance of those two going missing, although Pienaar does complement Butch's game probably better than Fourie.

Andre is a strange one, can be amazing, or go horribly missing and cost you a game, which would be a bit of a problem in a semi or final, but still a nice player to have on the bench to come on and open things up a bit.
Fourie du Preez is by far the best scrum half in South Africa.Jake must play him with Andre Pretorius, Those two will get the back line moving.
was very impressed with peinaar during the tri nations. hes got a great punt on him
From a Sharks Fan...Fourie du Preez must be our no.1 srumhalf but DEF Ruan Pienaar a very close second. Januarie shouldnt have even been in the team!

Heinie Adams ahead of Pienaar!!!!????? What!!??

Heinie Adams ahead of Pienaar!!!!????? What!!??
Fourie Du Preez nr 1 9. but I will play R.pienaar on the bench as a flyhalf and the young J. Vermaak of the lions as replacment 9
i have to agree with early coment with kojak but pienar is really talented u could find him a position somewhere else in the backline enabling both on the field?
FdP would be my first choice - even though I'm a Sharks fan. Ruan can have such a huge impact on a game by coming off the bench - in whichever position he's needed. Wynand Olivier hopefully won't get a chance to ruin a game for us, as, with Ruan and Francois Steyn on the bench, we only need two replacement backs. Maybe Andre Pretorius too.

Peter Grant for Sharks 08!
both of them deserve to be there, think first choice will come down to a matter of what tactics jake wants to employ...

only thing that i don't like about fourie, and ruan is guilty about it sometimes, is that the ball doesn't go out as quickly as it should...

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