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2023 U20 World Championships


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Dec 30, 2011
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I did not see a topic about it so...

New Zealand


South Africa

Note that Scotland was relegated and will play the Trophy in Pool A with Uruguay, USA and Zimbabwe in its pool while Hong Kong, Kenya, Samoa and Spain will compete in Pool B
Posolo Tuilagi having issues with his visa so will miss France's first game at least.
Georgia U20 is full of french academy players

Badri Tsikhistavi (Bayonne) FR
Giorgi Mamaiashvili (Grenoble) FR
Irakli Aptsiauri (Grenoble) FR
Sergo Abramishvili (Stade Français) FR
Lasha Pkakhadze (Nevers) FR
Davit Mchedlidze (Toulon) FR

Basa Khonelidze (Aurillac) FR
Nikoloz Babunashvili (Lelo)
Tamaz Chamiashvili (Kharebi)

Guram Ghaniashvili (Grenoble) FR
Giorgi Gergedava (Clermont) FR
Dito Nikoladze (Lelo)

Lasha Tsikhistavi (Bayonne) FR
Nikoloz Sakvarelidze (Aurillac) FR
Rati Zazadze (Nevers) FR
Nika Lomidze (Kharebi/Bayonne FR)
Totnike Ghaniashvili (Lelo)

Davit Khuroshvili (Lelo)
Aleksandre Jighauri (Lelo)
Gela Kheladze (Lelo)
Petre Khutsishvili (Lelo/Aurillac FR)
Nikoloz Kuprashvili (Kochebi)

Nicolas Ragoevi (Nevers) FR
Giorgi Shvelidze (Brive) FR
Tornike Kakhoidze (Black Lion)

Luka Kobauri (Perpignan) FR
Luka Khorbaladze (Lelo/Lyon FR)
Luka Tsirekidze (Lelo)
Shalva Aptsiauri (Lelo)
Vazha Mikadze (Lelo)

Props Tsikhistavi, Abramishvili and Mchedlidze all played a few minutes in Challenge Cup, Pkakhadze and Aptsiauri in ProD2. Aptsiauri was the first choice with Grenoble, even started the ProD2 final and the Top14 play off against Perpignan. Abramishvili also played a few Top14 games and gets 2 starts in Challenge Cup and 3 caps for Georgia

Eightman Lomidze is one to watch, and just signed for Bayonne for the next season

In the backs, Kakhoidze plays for the georgian professional franchise Black Lion and gained a lot of gametime these last months. Also gets a couple of game for Georgia including the Rugby Europe Championship final against Portugal. He is in Georgia's extended squad for RWC. Fullback Khorboladze is also in the extented squad afteran impressive season in the gerogian domestic championship. He will join Lyon for the following season. Centre Ragoevi is a powerfull profile that scored 8 tries for Nevers in the U22 championship. Winger Tsirekidze stared in both warm up games v England scoring a double in the first game with some amazing steps

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Ireland U20s:
15. Henry McErlean (Terenure/Leinster)
14. Andrew Osborne (Naas/Leinster)
13. Hugh Cooney (Clontarf/Leinster)
12. John Devine (Corinthians/Connacht)
11. Hugh Gavin (Galwegians/Connacht)
10. Sam Prendergast (Lansdowne/Leinster)
9. Fintan Gunne (Terenure/Leinster)

1. George Hadden (Clontarf/Leinster)
2. Gus McCarthy (UCD/Leinster)(captain)
3. Paddy McCarthy (Dublin University/Leinster)
4. Evan O'Connell (UL Bohemians/Munster)
5. Conor O'Tighearnaigh (UCD/Leinster)
6. Diarmuid Mangan (UCD/Leinster)
7. Ruadhan Quinn (Old Crescent/Munster)
8. James McNabney (Ballymena/Ulster)


16. Max Clein (Garryowen/Munster)*
17. George Morris (Lansdowne/Leinster)
18. Fiachna Barrett (Corinthians/Connacht)
19. Charlie Irvine (Queen's University/Ulster)
20. Brian Gleeson (Garryowen/Munster)
21. Oscar Cawley (Naas/Leinster)
22. Matty Lynch (Dublin University/Leinster)
23. James Nicholson (UCD/Leinster).
England U20 team v Ireland U20 1. Asher Opoku-Fordjour 2. Finn Theobald-Thomas 3. Afolabi Fasogbon 4. Harvey Cuckson 5. Lewis Chessum (captain) 6. Finn Carnduff 7. Greg Fisilau 8. Chandler Cunningham-South 9. Charlie Bracken 10. Connor Slevin 11. Joe Jenkins 12. Joseph Woodward 13. Rekeiti Ma'asi-White 14. Tobias Elliott 15. Sam Harris

Replacements 16. Nathan Jibulu 17. Archie McArthur 18. James Halliwell 19. Nathan Michelow 20. Tristan Woodman 21. Nye Thomas 22. Louie Johnson 23. Jacob Cusick
Apparently the Irish team has basically been unable to train this week because heavy rain has destroyed the pitches.
WTFs going on with the streaming of this tournament?
Geoblocked on the WR site and the Italy/Argentina game wasn't streamed on their YouTube (where they claimed every game will be)

Not got high hopes for England/Ireland

Edit: Eng game has appeared on their YouTube, thankfully
England defence is very physical; some massive shots being put in. Discipline costing us a bit though.
Can tell Prendergast has been learning from Sexton in the way he was giving it the biggun in CCS's face after he scored

Jokes aside the difference between the two 10s is stark, Prendergast just seems to have all the time in the world on the ball
Jesus, the London Irish tighthead just drove four players off the ball by himself

Be very interesting to see where he ends up
Apparently the Irish team has basically been unable to train this week because heavy rain has destroyed the pitches.
cape winters can be awful. I was at Paarl for Craven week and it was legit just above freezing and rain coming down sideways in the density of bullets.
Fisilau Is not a 7

English props are excellent carriers
Liking our 10/12 combo, interchanging well much better than Bradbury who is more a 15 imo
just saw English centers pass the ball to each other. English midfield looks like a midfield unlike the senior level.

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