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England 2023/24

Well at least nobody mentioned a blue one.
@BPM do you know why Quins did this with their centres so far this season? Was hoping Joseph would nail down the 13 shirt but both are dropped.

Game 1 northmore joseph
Game 2 Northmore Joseph
Game 3 Anyanwu Beard
Game 4 Anyanwu Beard
Biggest waffle listed at 8ft tall and 110lbs.

Good lineout option but doesn't offer much weight in a scrum.
251cm, unbelievable reach, prime waffle.

Minor downsides, needs a walking stick to walk, zero strength, various health issues etc but worth it. We could kick our lineouts!
The obvious explanation really … both are injured. Northmore has had surgery. Not sure when he's due back.

I think Joseph's is less serious.
Cheers, didn't read that anywhere but explains it.
Speaking of props and what Baxter was saying...where do you stand on it

Do you want an all action prop who can scrummage alright...or do you want a brick toilet who offers little in regards to playmaking or all action...but can scrummage a rhino and rock solid in defence.
My memory is no, but I'll leave it to bath fans to chime in as I could easily be mistaking him with someone else
Yeah I thought that, my memory said great in the loose but not that solid in then scrum. We should have employed Corbiserio.