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starcraft 2 offically announced

I remember playing the first one... sort of... it was a while ago i remember spending a while on it!
I remember having a crack at it when I was 10 or so, but never really got into it. Too complex for me back then I'd say.

This new one looks good...but I think I'll try my luck with the new Command and Conquer first :D!!!!
awsome! i deffinatly remember playing this. Back then though I preffered red alert to Starcraft. But man wont those Blizzard freaks be going crazy now! lol the vid doesnt really say much though. A bit over the top dont ya think?
i have the new C&C on X360, and i am now an RTS fein

reminds me of the networked BOLO we had in computer studies in highschool on the ole apple macs

but f***!!!!

i am stuck on this croatia level - its f***ed - public outcry of how hard it is........people have taken it back because of it

i have been stuck on this level since friday!!!!!!!