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The F1 thread



Any other racing fans out there? Pretty good start to the 2007 F1 season. A couple of highlights:

1- Raikonnen`s win, a pretty comfortable one really. Great news if you`re a fan of the Scuderia, and prefer red cars with prancing horses.
2- Great debut for Hamilton. Unfortunately, we get the ITV feed and commentary over on this side. It was like watching the Champions League- way too much pinning for the bloke. Just like there are other teams than Man U playing Champions League, there are actually non-British drivers out there.
3- Coultard`s overtaking manouvre on Wurtz- what the **** was the guy thinking?

Any other thoughts/comments
I think the competition this year is going to be quite intense with the absence of Schumacher, Raikkonen seems to have made the right move, not too sure about Alonso going to McLaren as reliability has been a huge problem for them so he'd really show his class if he can win the ***le this season.

Impressive debut from Hamilton but for people to be saying that his performance was more impressive than Raikkonen's win is a bit daft.
For a 20 year old kid to finish 3 in his first GP is a hell of an achievement, especially as he ran the best diver around so close. Kimi has been around forever and knows the game, plus the Ferrari is miles ahead of the rest this year.
Pretty decnt 2nd race of the season, great win for Alonso, excellent scrap between Hamilton and Raikkonen at one stage, and a very impressive 2nd place for Hamilton.

Geez, couldn`t believe how well McLaren not only closed the gap, but seems to have found the edge over Ferrari at this early stage of the championship. Seems like we`re heading for a magnificent season, with the championship yet again going down to the wire. Should be good to watch things unfold.
I tried to get in to this sport years ago - had to do business with a lawyer who was one of the race marshals in his spare time - but when I sat down and watched, all I could see was the TV advertising. Seriously, you know where you are on the track by the background logos: first corner, Bridgestone, front strait Vodafone, will-they-crash chicane HSBC ... etc ... and the less interesting parts of the track are shared by the lesser advertisers.

Respect to Michael Schumacher - probably as much of a legend as Tiger Woods - but as a TV experience I just don't get it. And the lawyer business didn't work out. The guy's a jerk and a prick, anyway, but he still gets to do the exotic F1 weekends. Where is the justice? Howl!
Congrats to Massa for his 1st win of the season, and he`s the 3rd different winner in the 3rd race of the season.

Hamilton going very well again in Bahrain, getting his 3rd consecutive podium. Less impressive the pre-season favourites, Alonso in 5th and Raikkonen in 3rd, both looking a little off-colour. But this now leaves Alonso, Raikkonen and Hamilton tied for the championship lead, all 3 on 22 points, with Massa just 5 points adrift in 4th.

Three highlights for me- firstly, Heidfeld`s audacious overtaking move around the outside of Alonso, Coultard`s storming run through the field before his engine failure, and the top 5 being separated by a mere 11 seconds at the end.

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