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The Movie of Your Life!



Ok, right here, right now, the story of your life has just been released globally in the cinema's.
Tell us: -

Who plays you in this film (you are not allowed to be yourself)?
What genre is the film?

Actor playing Me: Leonardo Di Caprio
Genre: Light Drama/Comedy

***le: The Sheep Always Face North.

Plot: A story on how a 20 something makes his way through his life as an everyday schmoe struggling to achieve his ambition and make it as a writer. Girls make (infrequent) appearences as he and his flat mate waste their nights getting wrecked in Cardiff using bad chat up lines and going home to the internet.
Actor Playing Me: Chuck Norris
Genre: Action!!!

***le: Try!
Plot: Try focuses on the life and playing Career of Charlie Gough (played by Chuck Norris) the Untouchable Rugby Player, Pub Brawls and heavy Drinking are the energy that fuelled Charlie to his ambitions, and captaining the English Rugby Team to win the their 4th Straight Rugby World Cup. Think Shaolin Soccer meets Goal meets Green Street. Then You have the film of a lifetime

Oscars Guarenteed....
Actors(s): Toby Maguire playing the youngest version of me in the film, Ewan McGregor for the 30 year old me, and Hugh Laurie for the middle aged me. It would be a metaphor for how people change so much during their life. I would even go from sounding like an American putting on an American accent at the beginning of the film, through a Scot until I finally sound like your stereotypical Englishman. Or possibly an Englishman putting on an American accent.

Genre: Fantasy (seemed appropriate)

Plot: Lost the.

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