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The Simpsons 400th Episode



OMG what a load of crap probably the worse Simpsons episode EVER!!!

Have they lost it??
The simpsons started getting crap ever since Futurama came along and explained to the world what funny really is. Then Fox dropped the wrong programme.
The man hit the naily firmly on the head!
I am of the EXACT same opinion to Mite.
I have never liked Futurama. I did watch a few episodes, It was ok, but it comes nowhere near The Simpsons, imo.
the simpsons is still funny and still can have it moments but there just runin out of ideas it's just to old ( that said ill probably cry when the take my favourite 4 fingered family off the air). and that note fox should of kept futurama that was funny stuff
I have to say i saw the 400th episode last week and i was bitterly dissapointed. all this hype about it and it turned out to be an awful episode that didnt ahve an ending, had nothing to do with the occasion and did not have one funny joke let alone in context.
the past few series of the simpons have been in decline and the latest series is a far cry from the episodes of old.

I find now id rather watch most other adult cartoons like south park of futurama than the simpons which a few years ago would not have been the case.
South Park now has such an early edge over The Simpsons. I hated the early series, still do, but they got to about series 4 they started to introduce bucket loads of cutting satire.

From about series 8 onwards this has reached a point that The Simpsons can no longer touch. Groening seems to utilise plenty of celebrities and current issues, but doesn't really mock them.

Part of the problem comes from The Simpsons being seen as a childrens' cartoon, but unless he has the courage to break away from this image then the show is going to carry on going downhill very rapidly.
It all started going wrong after that god awful n'sync episode regarding the overuse of celebs and lack of jokes. Compared to South Park mocking Michael Jackson a couple of seasons ago, it was nothing more then a marketing excercise for the crappy boy band. Yet another thing that wrong in society we can blame Timberlake for.
And to hear Matt Groening saying in an interview just a few days ago,

"We do not see an end for The Simpsons any time soon." i of course am paraphrasing, but it was along those lines. :wall:
Oh, you can. The first 2 or 3 series were also shite. The best years were between seasons 3-10
this simpsons should have been dropped before the 300th episde. it just isnt clever anymore and ive given up watching it.

T'is being brought back, Comedy Central have bought a series from Groening's production company, supposedly up for broadcast at the end of this year.
Futurama took away the zing of the simpsons..its been in decline for a long time, and whats worse is that matt groening has been contracted to produce another 15 years worth of simpsons episodes. He's running out of jokes now, imagine how corny they'll be in a f ew years.
As good as Peter may be, Philip J. Fry still rules the roost as far as i'm concerned.

No competition!
I still love the Simpsons...What was pretty cool was here in the States they turned 12 7/11's into Kwik E Marts...there is one in my area and it was awesome

Yeah they did that here in Oklahoma as well. Very cool.

I still love the Simpsons...What was pretty cool was here in the States they turned 12 7/11's into Kwik E Marts...there is one in my area and it was awesome



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