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TRF Custom Face Design Tracker

RG Snyman
Munster and Springbok Player


  • RGSnyman_baked_tex2.zip
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Apologies for only loading faces Jim546
I have a few raw faces will edit and also upload.
Really appreciate your work
This should be all the heads, assigned as follows:


I've made a new assignment list and changed the assignments since the old method was getting hard to track players:



  • Pieter1989 heads.zip
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These four have been done now:


Pasted Layer.png Pasted Layer #1.png Pasted Layer #2.png Pasted Layer #3.png

If you have any more send them to me here or in private message.


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George Kruis
England Player


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As a test I tried to compare the high and low poly models that Facebuilder can produce and while I didn't get crashes that happened last time, I think overall the extra detail isn't really worth it. Left image is high poly with 2048x texture, right is low poly with 512x texture.

hi res.png low res.png
Hi guys, i'm having alot of issues trying to get my woosah editor to work. I just wondered if anyone would be able to share an updated roster with correct face ID's? I'm certain i have all of the big files now in place. No worries if not and thanks for all the hard work going into updating these faces.
That's the plan however need to reassign them one more time, I should have added the default heads as well, only 1 or 2 to swap out though.
Morning Jim546
Out of the latest heads ( Darcy Graham ect ) there is a 4th file ( af844d221d2a3e62518c6722115bf5da.big ) Which players face is this file allocated to ) Thank you for the incredible faces.
Any idea why in gameplay I get red and green masks rather than the faces but up close on cut scenes it's shows the faces fine?

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