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TRF London Meetup Planning

for the final this isnt a bad idea, maybe i should set one up for the capital, meet in town to watch the final and such, maybe we could make it a mass get out and party day for the final

TRF MEETUP DAY and alcahol :)
Transworld TRF phonecall anyone?

People from opposite sounds of the world shouting down one phoneline for 30 seconds. Would be immense.
I am not paying for that phonebill lol

That's why I suggested 30 seconds and no longer. Don't suppose free minutes apply if you're calling New Zealand?
Well lets try to keep this thread active...

Was up in London and have found somewhere cheap I can stay, so defiantly up for this the only problem could be time off work but I will see what i can negotiate...
I'm still waiting for a reply from my source. I might go and ask in person when I am up on Tuesday.

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