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Would this be of interest to you or not?

Basically it has been a long term dream of mine to open TRF Magazine up for some period of time. I can edit the magazine and be in charge of making it look good. I have a degree in such things. Imagine it... the first ever cross code magazine, produced and published for TRF by TRF.

A pipedream of course. Publications cost thousands of pounds to begin. Would only be able to do that if I became uber-rich. What we CAN do though is an online version. We have the writers, I have the skill to make it look good, I'm sure we can get the material.

We could have a one off subscription cost, or pay per issue. Or maybe we can attract sponsorship...

The possibilities are endless if we want them to be. To dream, the impossible dream...
how about create a online magazine, with a marginal subscription cost or maybe a cost for membership to the site i.e. Have a site which splits off from TRF called something like The Rugby Zone or something, where it is a news source, articles, pictures, previews for league play i.e. gp, cl, then rugby league, and all the other stuff that would go into a traditional rugby magazine, and then host it on the web with maybe a membership cost once it got either more recognized or more popular

i think that would be the best first step toward a magazine, than to just go all balls in and publish one, you need to garner the public's attention first.. you gettin what im saying?

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