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Uk Release



Has rl2 been released i uk yet? the place where i usually go and get it a day early doens't have it
Nor did Game they said it isn't a big enough demand
Originally posted by loratadine@Dec 9 2005, 05:16 AM
yes but we are in wales.

But if they release games like, Kessen 3: Warriors Revenge! then why cant they realease a league game?
i called up game the other day to check a store address and they said they are not selling it in there shops you have to get it direct online. this apparantly isnt entirely true as a few people in "league country" have bought the game up north.

game do have stock since yesterday as thats when they posted my copy. as for gamestation etc seems like a rl1 scenario whereby youd be damn lucky to come across a copy and if you do hold onto it like a dying child.
Originally posted by forumuser@Dec 21 2005, 11:41 PM
still haven't managed to get a copy in the uk

any luck anyone?
Give Alternative Software a Ring on 01977 555222 and they'll send you out a copy direct!
I haven't seen it in any shops in London ( this might be because of lack of support) however i got mine very sharpish from gameplay's website.

It's no.1 top seller on their PS2 chart
Yup mine was from Gameplay as well should have no worries from there unless you talking about PC.

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