Who will replace Gerrard?

Discussion in 'Rugby World Cup 2007' started by Wally, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. Wally

    Wally Guest

    After watching Lachie Turner bag 3 tries for Central Coast today I'd like nothing more then to see this kid shred it up in a Wallabies kit.

    It's obviously more likely to be Cam Shepherd, with his ability to cover wing/fullback as well as kick the pill. He's also been playing good footy though so I won't be disappointed if he gets the call up. I rate them both ahead of Gerrard.
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  3. rsea

    rsea Guest

    Agree 100% Shep looked in rare form in the ARC Sat arvo.
    Beale is doing a great job for rams but with Barnes performance against Jap I'd say he's got next to no chance of a call up.

    I hope this means Staniforth gets the bench spot.
  4. Brodizzle

    Brodizzle Guest

    Agree 100% Shep looked in rare form in the ARC Sat arvo.
    Beale is doing a great job for rams but with Barnes performance against Jap I'd say he's got next to no chance of a call up.

    I hope this means Staniforth gets the bench spot.
    Shepherd is a must have + Beale has shown in the past he is not ready yet for your largest level of games...

    I think Staniforth will be saved for the big games...despite overlooking him for a run on spot despite his good form week in week out he is still integral for the bigger games because of him being an extremely solid player....I pick, New Zealand in the Semi's Staniforth to annihilate center field, or at least I hope :p
  5. rsea

    rsea Guest

    Yeh shame about Beale. Got so much talent and he's bulked up heaps since the super14 disgrace. Will be tough for him to edge out Barnes regardless if he does well this WC
  6. Wally

    Wally Guest

    Apparently Schifcoske and Ioane are in the mix, but the head still says Shepherd. We will find out later today.
  7. Fushitsusha

    Fushitsusha Guest

    Shepherd looks set to replace Gerrard. Although Turner would also be a good candidate.

    However, if Turner were to be in the squad, that would make 10 Waratahs players, and only 9 Brumbies.

    Now correct me if I'm wrong (but I'm not), but didn't the Waratahs finish 13th in the Super 14?

    Why do they (for the moment) have the same amount of players as the team which was unlucky not to be in the finals?

    I seriously hope the Wallabies get new selectors when they get a new coach.

    Out of all the players on the field the other day, why couldn't have been Al Baxter's knee to have cracked?

    Turner plays for the Western Sydney Rams.
  8. rsea

    rsea Guest

    We need that many great players to try and counter Norton Knights stupidity
  9. The TRUTH

    The TRUTH Guest

    As much as i love Shep, with Latham fit and almost back to his best i'd prefer we go with a genuine speedster like Lachie to push for a spot on the wing - his pace could be very handy against these shite 6Nations sides.
  10. Fushitsusha

    Fushitsusha Guest

    We need that many great players to try and counter Norton Knights stupidity

    I see.

    Point is, many of these players didn't warrant Wallaby selection with their poor Super 14 form and failure to do anything of merit in the test season.

    I don't see why the test squad is filled with so many big, slow, useless Waratah forwards? They simply can't compete against the better packs.

    Understandably Vickerman and Waugh were out injured for most of the year, but the only Wartah players who impressed me were Rocky Elsom, Josh Holmes and Lachlan Turner.

    Dunning has improved, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Greg Holmes rightfully reclaim the loose head position, and Dunning on the bench as he can play tighthead in case of an emergency.

    There was talk in the Australian that Phil Waugh could start against Wales this week despite the fact that George Smith has clearly been the best openside flanker this year (and beyond) and was outstanding against Japan.

    It just appears to me (and most people actually) that Connolly doesn't select players on their merits.

    Otherwise Baxter, Hardman, Freier, Lyons, Mitchell and even Tuqiri wouldn't be where they are.

    Why else would Matt Cockbain be considered in the shadow squad when he hasn't played well since probably 1999.

    Connolly has wasted too many opportunities this year to blood some exciting young players, but instead opted on bad experiments and players that have failed to stand up at a test level time and time again.

    If Australia win the World Cup, then good on him, but if we don't I'll be very happy to see Connolly go.
  11. timmyhoran

    timmyhoran Guest

    I think the current Australia XV is the best we have. There is no one at home who should be there. Every World Cup is won by experienced teams. Turner and Beale will be Superstars by the next World Cup but there is no way you can chuck them in the deep end in a World Cup. Scoring three tries against the East Coast Aces in front of 2,000 spectators and playing in a World Cup can't even be compared. For that reason the most experienced player will and should be picked ie Cam Shepard. He was on fire before he hurt his knee and would have been fullback instead of Huxley if he didn't get injured. The only player who shouldn't be there is Al Baxter and maybe Hardman. He simply can't keep his feet in the scrum. The minute Shepardson came on on the weekend the collapses stopped. I think John Connolly is a great coach. He's improved us out of site since he took over from Steddy Eddy. Just look what's happened to QLD since Connolly left.
  12. Haj

    Haj Guest

    Has to be Sheps! I wouldnt be upset to see lachy turner pack his bags either.
  13. mackka

    mackka Guest

    Well, Shepherd is on his way. Probably the best choice. I don't have too many problems with the World Cup squad, except for that I'd love to see Polota-Nau over there. Think he would make an awesome impact player off the bench. Send him on for the last 20-30 minutes when the defence is tired and let him go nuts. He's also a very good scrummager, which would be helpful for obvious reasons. Anybody know why his name is never thrown around when talking about the Australian hooker spot?
  14. Fushitsusha

    Fushitsusha Guest

    Well I disagree with your opening statement that this Australian squad is the best we have.

    As I've stated before, there was plenty of time for Connolly to blood new talents such as Turner and Barnes at the start of the test season.

    Having Freier and Hardman in the squad over Paul and Polata-Nau is also another obvious example as to why it's not the best Australian squad.

    The fact that the Tahs dominate the squad despite being one of the worst teams in the Super 14 shows that this team was not picked on their merits.

    Whatever happened to Digby Ioane? Why is Mitchell in this team and he's not?

    Drew Mitchell shouldn't be in the squad, and now he's going to start against Wales because Adam Ashley-Cooper is injured.

    Connolly hasn't made much improvement since Jones left.

    Australia drew against Wales last year, nearly got beaten by Italy, and then was nearly defeated by Wales' B team this year.

    The Wallabies have yet to defeate one of the top nations away from home.

    If the Wallabies make it to the final then I'll give Connolly some credit.

    Also, if Connolly was still with the Reds they would still be playing ****.

    He wouldn't have the likes of Eales, Horan, Herbert, Wilson, Foley etc. etc.... and he'd still be losing to the Brumbies...
  15. mackka

    mackka Guest

    While there are certainly a couple of Tahs players in the squad who shouldn't be there, I don't think the fact that they finished so poorly means that they don't have alot of players who really should be. A team often isn't the sum of its parts and I think this season the Tahs were much less than the sum of their parts. I think the shifting of the 5/8 spot before settling on the frankly pretty average Norton-Knight meant that combinations couldn't develop in the backline in particular. There were obviously numerous other problems but other than Baxter and possibly Dunning, what Tahs players don't deserve to be over there? I'd be hard-pressed to pick any better replacements for the rest of them.
  16. Brodizzle

    Brodizzle Guest

    I stress once again, Shepherd is the obvious choice....I mean, let's look at the other candidates...

    Beale/Turner- Great players but cannot yet stand up to international level (international is alot different to ARC)
    Ioane-Can't catch, wouldn't trust him under pressure, he would become a huge mistake at the world cup if allowed to go over.
    Cross- Hasn't impressed me at all, ARC form has been woeful and he seems to be lazy in general play...
    Schifcofske- No place even in the consideration, we have plenty of people who can kick penalty goals.

    As for Mitchell being in the squad, he probably shouldn't be in the squad but half the team have better replacements, the simple fact is they believe Mitchell has a certain something, which he does, he hasn't really clicked all year but is due to a good one plus he has test experience, vital for a World Cup.

    Now, back to Shepherd. He has test experience, has showed time and time again during the Super 14 season he can handle immense pressure and play high quality rugby. He hasn't been up to his best since his injury but to be fair he probably hasn't had the kind of training and drive since knowing he won't be going to France. Also keep in mind he is the LEADING scorer of the ARC, in a team that has largely played far below what they should be.

    Despite all these romantisiced views of your young Turners, Beales and to a lesser extent Ioane's they are severely under-done and I would rather not wait until the semis against the All Blacks to prove as much, we're in it the win it....not to risk it all on unproven talent...
  17. Fushitsusha

    Fushitsusha Guest

    As I've said before, I don't think Baxter, Freier or Lyons should be there.

    Unfortunately, two of those players are in the match 22.

    Like I've also said before, the Australian pack is currently dominated by Tahs players... yet, as they've showed in the Super 14 they're made up of slow, unathletic big men who got blown away by the better teams.

    Now, if they're not up to dominated at a Super 14 level, they're surely not going to do much good at a test level, and in the past few years when the Aussie pack has been dominated by the Tahs it's been absolutely decimated.

    Obviously my above criticism doesn't apply to the likes of Vickerman and Elsom who have the right to be in there, and Waugh on the bench, but that's about it.

    Palu is a big man but he's too inconsistent, and if Connolly is going to play him I say he shouldn't get anymore than 40mins on the field or he becomes useless.

    Now, I do belive that the vast majority of the squad deserves to be there, but it definately could be stronger.

    Wales are going to be excited by the fact that Drew Mitchell will be playing.

    Oh, and I do think that Cameron Shepherd was the best choice to replace Gerrard.
  18. mackka

    mackka Guest

    That all seems fair enough I guess. I'd probably disagree with you on Lyons and Palu simply because I don't see what other options we have in terms of really strong ball-carriers. Out of interest, who would you have as the starting pack for the Wallabies and which forwards on the bench?
  19. aus5892

    aus5892 Guest

    If we base all our selections on Super 14 season we'll struggle to get any Waratahs or Reds at all. We just need to pick who is most capable. Shep is obviously a good candidate.
  20. Fushitsusha

    Fushitsusha Guest

    Well, I felt that Roe and Tawake played better than Palu and Lyons in the Super 14, however I wouldn't have them ahead of Palu in the squad - but either one of them would've probably been a better inclusion than Lyons.

    But, Australia did go over with 17 forwards when they probably only needed 16.


    My pack...?


    1. Holmes
    2. Paul
    3. Shepherdson
    4. Sharpe/Chisholm
    5. Vickerman
    6. Elsom
    7. Smith
    8. Palu/Hoiles (depending)

    16. Moore
    17. Dunning/Blake
    18. Chisholm/Sharpe
    19. Hoiles
    20. Waugh

    However, if there wasn't a 5 man forward bench I'd dump Waugh and keep Hoiles (just like on the weekend) because he offers a lot more.
  21. Wally

    Wally Guest

    Turner plays for the Western Sydney Rams.
    Same thing to me.
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