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Ashes 2nd Test - Adelaide


An Tarbh

Straight back to the grind for these 2 teams with a quick turn around.

Shane Watson misses out again for Australia so Michael Clarke's place looks assured.

For England, the temptation will be to play 2 spinners but at the expense of whom, Harmison or Anderson, might be surprising but Anderson was more expensive in the first innings than Harmison.
Harmison is a class act- although he didn`t look it during the 1st test. He reminds me a bit of our very own Allan Donald- when everything is firing and the mechanics are working, pretty much unplayable. When a coulpe of things goes wrong with the action, second slip is in business- but not off the edge of the bat :D

By contrast, Anderton has never really impressed me, no more than a second or third-change bowler really IMO.
I was impressed with Anderson when he first came on the scene but another who has been blighted by injuries and just hasn't got a long enough run together before another strikes, would be amazed to see him make it through the series, unless he's dropped of course.
England are clearly missing Simon Jones. Him and Hoggard working in tandem producing the swing, combined with the raw pace and bounce of Harmison and Flintoff was what did the damage during the last Ashes series.
England are clearly missing Simon Jones. Him and Hoggard working in tandem producing the swing, combined with the raw pace and bounce of Harmison and Flintoff was what did the damage during the last Ashes series.

Spot-on really. But I also think that England are missing out by not playing Panesar, and after all he is on tour, and fully fit. As I`ve said before, with Panesar playing, I can`t see Aus racking up over 800 runs for the loss of just 10 wickets over 2 innings. I reckon he can do a job with the old ball- and that was Jones` greatest strength- getting the old ball to reverse at 140km/h plus. Panesar can really tweak it, and would be very effective at the time when Jones was at his most dangerous.
I am still not convinced about Harmison. He hasn't played much cricket outside of internationals and for Durham he has been utter crap.

So to internationals, what has he really done. Had two great series against weak WI and NZ outfits in the summer of 04. Then what? Crap in SA,Aus,SL,IND,Pak and that concludes my statement.

I dont rate harmison either

Simon Jones' absence is definately proving the difference already

I was impressed with Anderson

Aussie team should remain the same, however i wont be surprised of a MacGill call up, or Symonds as an all-rounder option.......although we have poor all-rounders when compared to Freddy
well it looks like it'll be the same now they've gone with the same 13 as they had in Brisbane, can't see Tait or Mitchell getting in ahead of Clark considering how well he bowled.
Normally for an Adelaide or Sydney test they would pick MacGill in the side so he could spin in tandem with Warney because the wickets have traditionally been low bouncing and have generally benefited the spinners. It would be nice to see MacGill picked in the Sydney test match, as i believe it will be his only other chance to get in the side after this test. Good luck Gilly.
They were saying though that when both have been picked that they haven't bowled that well in tandem, so maybe Bunchannon is taking that into account, plus the fact that there's no need to make dramatic changes when they won so comprehensively and should do so again, there won't be a repeat of Edgbaston here that's for sure.

Better news for England though, Vaughan is going to play a 1 dayer with the academy and it could put him in contention for the fourth test, although it might well be all over by then, but still decent news.
Even if the series is won by Australia at that point, if Vaughn is in good enough form, then he should get a go. If, as we said, they have already lost the series then he can restore some pride for England and the team and provide himself with some international experience which he hasn't had lately. On the other hand if England are going well it shouldn't matter anyway, if Vaughn is seen to be good enough, then give him a bat.

As you said, it is quite true that they haven't been the best of bowling partners...good observation (i failed to remember/realise it). It'll be great to see if Warne and McGrath can improve on their somewhat pleasant form, and hopefully Lee is able to be a bit more economical whilst bowler quicker. I no thats a bit silly to ask because they are indirectly proportional to each other but all the same, it would be good to see.
One thing I don't get from the first test is why Collingwood didn't bowl, he's certainly capable of contributing more than a few overs, even Ian Bell bowled at Brisbane but not Collingwood. Strange call there.
Yeah i am gutted for MacGill........he is clearly world class but aussies never have really had a 2 spinner regime - unless in sub-continent

I hope MacGill gets a call up at home @ SCG.....i am not sure but i do believe when MacGill and Warne both play at SCG, MacGill has taken more wickets.

I do not like this 4 bowler line-up

We need an all-rounder of some sort............Watson NO...but anyone else.........if Flint and Pietseren get firing, and tame the 4 strike bowlers who do we have left?? M Clarke, or Hussey, u r kidding me

Also how good is KP.......big Pietersen..........when he told Warny to "get f***ed......you f***en c*nt", the glare in his eyes said it all..............it was a great moment in cricket, and i'll remember that for years....Warny never apologising also put great emphasis on the battle/war at hand!!!!

Bring on Test 2.........bring on the sledging.........bring on the mini battles on bowler v batter.........the banter is large at the local pubs..............in Bondi, plenty of poms, and its great walking in for a good yarn with some randoms!!!!!!

What about Mahmood

I heard his tour matches werent great, but still he did bowl world leading up to the tour...i was expecting him at the gabba....

a re-shuffle is on the cards for sure.......Monty and Mahmood....atleast one of them needs a go, whilst the Ashes is still alive

bit of a slap in the face if they get the call up, on dead rubbers
Monty should definitely get a call up most likely at the expense of Mahmood, would be surprised to see Giles dropped, he certainly wasn't England's worst bowler so you'd think it's Anderson for the chop, whether he just makes a straight swap with Mahmood for Anderson and Monty for Giles I'm not too sure. Mahmood certainly has more cricket under his belt than Anderson and all this talk of England being undercooked, you had 2 bowlers with plenty.
I think one of the main reasons that Monty wasnt included in the team for the 1st test was that he has such a poor record with batting and fielding....The turn he can get on the ball is amazing though so its kind of a gamble if they have him there, but he could do quite alot of damage.
Fielding yeah he's pretty poor but he's a no 11 for god's sake, if Fletcher is relying on a no 11 to make some runs then he has some serious problems.

Also McGrath didn't bowl today in practice for Friday's test, although selectors are expecting him to be fine.
Monty is actually better with the bat than people give him credit for.

Everyone assumes he's rubbish, and while he's no KP, his timing does get him a few runs.
Monty is actually better with the bat than people give him credit for.

Everyone assumes he's rubbish, and while he's no KP, his timing does get him a few runs.

maybe we can get monty to do a KP, who can believe that when KP played for the province side in South Africa he was an off spinner who batted at no. 10! then he came over to notts, worked on his batting and now look at him!
and that's certainly one area where Monty can't be faulted, he has put in massive efforts at his fielding and batting, it just doesn't seem to come that naturally, Bambi on ice I think is how Botham put it.
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Where the fark are my Boony n Beefy dolls!!!!

:angry: :rahh:

Ordered them over 2 weeks ago..........i need them for 2nd TEST


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