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Will England win it this year?

  • No, it's been over 30 years and it will be another 50 before they do

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  • Yes, they've improved dramatically.

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What do you guys think? I don't really all that much about cricket, but i've never seen an England team win a series against us and would be interested to see if they had the skill to finally win the bloody thing.

Personally though, I get the feeling it'll be like the RL Tri Nations last year, where Enlgand talked up their chances untill the cows came home (crapping on about how patriotic and **** they are
), but then when it came to the crunch got humiliated by the Australian team in the first half! (what a great day to be English that was!).
Different sports I know, but I find the parrallel between the number of years they have been dominated by us to be interesting.
I'm not sure they're quite there yet, yes they won in South Africa when not at their best but they won't win against the Australians unless they are above their best. Harmison's form in South Africa would be a worry, as would Vaughan's form with the bat although he'll be confident facing Australia after the last Ashes, Flintoff probably needs a bit more consistency with his batting and I'm still not sure about Geraint Jones with the gloves.

But I'd say that England's positives still outweigh the negatives with the batting form of Trescothick, Strauss and Thorpe and the bowling of Hoggard and Jones. Kevin Pietersen may even stake a claim for the 4th spot in the batting if he can continue as he's started.

It'll probably be more competitive than the last 2 series but I still see Australia winning 3-1 but the actual matches will be closer.
This is the best chance we will have had since the times of Beefy Botham and co.

Vaughan's captaincy record is second only to Steve Waugh in terms of % games won.

All of the top 7 score centuries on a fairly regular basis, with Giles, Hoggard, HArmison and Jones all making decent contributions at the tail end of proceedings.

The bowlers all have world beating performances under their belt and if Harmison is back firing on all cylinders again the Aussies really should be worried.

Freddy Flintoff is the world's best all-rounder. He didnt bat as well as he can in the SA series, but his bowling was the most consistent of all those on show, he got over 20 wickets, and his slip catching is flawless.

In Strauss we have the form batsman in the world at the moment.


The most impressive thing about this team over the last couple of years has been the teamwork and attitude. If we lose early wickets, then Thorpey will invariably it seems, rescue the situation. If we need a wicket, then Flintoff nearly always gets it. If we are in a losing situation, we can change it into a winning one, (eg 2nd test v SA).

And there is plenty of young talent waiting in the wings, putting pressure on those in the side, Ian Bell, Kevin Pietersen, Robert Key and James Anderson could all step in.

However, Australia are the best side in the world, and will be when this series comes around. THey will be favourites, and England will need to find yet more gears in order to win.

Here's how I reckons the team will look

1 Strauss
2 Trescothick
3 Vaughan
4 Pietersen
5 Thorpe
6 Flintoff
7 G Jones
8 Giles
9 Hoggard
10 S Jones
11 Harmison
You lot are getting there nowadays though aren't you? When I was growing up, we all used to like watching games against England (in any sport) so we could watch Australia win... England was always a bit of a joke really (no offence woodie, but thats how we felt across all sports...), now though, England Rugby is organised and competative (dominant from 2002-3) and your league team and comp is slowly but surely getting it's act togeather (you have been competative with us despite the fact we flogged you in the final in last years RL TN) and now your cricket team is showing great skill too! I think it's great
Now there can actually be a "rivalry" between us!
I think England can win, it just depends which team turns up. If the likes of Harmison, Freddie, Strauss and Trescothick are on form then who knows what could happen.
Thats the spirit Woodie and co!!! Sure England can win the ashes... "CAN" win, not will, CAN win... because when it comes to the crunch and the "CAN" comes within sight your boys will be like virgins who can't believe their finally doing it, and then.... "oh **** no! We f***ed it up", and then you'll lose
Australia will win. Notice I said WILL not CAN.

1. Hayden
2. Langer
3. Ponting ©
4. Martyn
5. Clarke
6. Lehmann / Watson / Bevan / Katich
7. Gilchrist
8. Warne
9. Gillespie
10. McGrath
11. Kasper / Lee
Hope NZ but up a better battle than they did in Aus. Anyway on the Ashes - Australia will win, but England may show glimpses in matches to be pretty competitive, plus home advanantage. It's no given yet - especially with Hayden in crap form...

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