Attacking stats for the Premiership

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  1. Thought everyone might be interested in the top 7 attacking players in the premiership (from up to gameweek 4).

    stats only show top 10 players for each category


    carries: 32
    breaks: 5
    defenders beaten: 14
    metres: 308
    tries: 3


    carries: 29
    breaks: 3
    defenders beaten: 7
    metres: 250
    tries: 2


    carries: 28
    defenders beaten: 8
    metres: 171
    tries: 1


    carries: 32
    metres: 192


    breaks: 5
    defenders beaten: 14
    metres: 248
    offloads: 2


    breaks: 5
    metres: 234
    tries: 5


    breaks: 4
    metres: 201
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  3. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    3/4 of Varndells metres have come from 2 scores, the rest cam from simple trot overs. Foden for that matter hasn't been particularly good year.

    Stats, ladies and gentlemen, don't always tell the full story.
  4. I think Foden's started the season quite well, he's been better than Abendanon and Morgan anyway. 14 defenders beaten is pretty good and i havent seen any missed tackles.
  5. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    Today's the first game I've not seen all season - He's not necessarily been "bad", but he is looking flakey and uninterested. I would have dropped him tbh and used Reihana at 15 if I were Mallinder.
  6. Other stats show how bloody dull Saracens are:

    Kicks from hand:

    Saracens 102
    Northampton 74 (fewest in league)


    Saracens 123 (fewest in league)
    Bath Rugby 293 (most in league)

    Defenders Beaten:

    Saracens 21
    Irish 48 (most in league)

    Metres Run:

    Saracens 648 (fewest in league)
    Irish 1660 (most in league)

    Drop Goals:

    Saracens 3 (most in league)

    They truly are setting the league alight
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