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BLIC Liscensed Teams?



Was just reading a review for BLIC and it says that many of the teams are not officially liscenced outside of the World Cup and the ICC Trophy...

So a couple of questions

1) Who's real and whos not
2) Can you edit exisiting players names (i.e World Champ Rugby)
3) What teams/leagues are there (International only or are there some Domestic Leagues/Teams in there as well?)
4) What modification possibilties are there likely to be on the PC version?

and finally

5) Is there a franchise or "World League" type mode in there?

*Cant be arsed looking for the info myself*


I shall do my best here.

1. As far as I know in the icc and world cup they are all real but outside of this the names are all fake execpt for England
2. Yeah there is an editor for the names
3. 99% sure its just international
4. Patches are already happening for pc version with a full name patch already out and I think other things are being worked on like bats and kits

5. I don't think there is world league or franchise mode in there


I think there is some kind of career mode, where you have one batsmen or something that you develop, I'm not too sure about this though.


You create a player, and you can use him in all modes. You get upgrade points for runs/wickets/catches/run outs to upgrade him and you get to choose his styles, kit etc.