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    My review of the demo

    As u load up the demo, u can tell immediately the leaps and bounds on EA it has

    The menu is sooo smooth and sweat – reminds me of WCR’s menu

    Options for the match conditions etc meet expectations

    Subbing players is quick and easy

    Now for the juice

    In the first seconds once the match is loaded u get this feeling of de ja vu, a welcoming sound of a familiar friend……..the commentator from Warnies/BLIC1 on psx…..dunno his name but he’s a pommy, and he does the job very well

    All of a sudden, the CPU has picked their bowler, and he is steaming in so u gotto be ready ASAP, there’s no fooling around!


    As the bowlers coming u can move laterally at the crease with L1 and R1 to position ur feet for ur desired shot…………x for attacking ground stroke, circle for the slog/lofted shot, square for defensive shot

    U gotto watch the bowlers power bar for the speed of delivery as this is vital for ur shot timing

    Bowler also can add swing onto the ball after he has released it, so u gotto be ready to change ur shot at the last milli second, just in case it swings in or out.

    Timing – ur shots timing is determined with the timing bar, which changes size depending on:
    a. ur batters position, and shot selection
    b. b. the balls line and length

    if ur batter is in good position and has picked the right shot for that line and length the timing bar is longer, hence u have a wider range of time in the zone to hit x or circle for the shot
    if the batter is in poor position, and/or picks the wrong shot, the timing bar is small and is harder to stop in the zone for that sick shot
    and again if the delivery is very good, the timing zone will be small aswell
    when I say zone, its like referring to the space in rugby 2005 kicking that u gotto stop the power bar on its way down for better accuracy

    bad timing of shots can result in:
    catches in the field if u tried to slog,
    catches in the slips or keeper even with x button
    caught and bowled even with x button
    its all relative to the type of shot u played – ie if u played down the ground but missed timed it, caught and bowled could be on, if playing a cover drive and missed timed, the slips cordon could be busy

    after the shot, triangle runs and x cancels run…… get 2 runs u just pre-press triangle as the batters pass eachother for ultimate quick turnaround of batter, the later u press triangle the slower the turn around for the second run…all much more responsive than any other cricket game….cancelling a run is very quick so u can counter ur error for accidentally going for 2 when its not on

    whilst his is all happening another commentator joins the team and adds his speil on the match/conditions/history/records – whatever he wants to rant about


    You can decide ur angle of run-up, from either wide, normal or other side of wicket (around the wicket)

    X to begin run-up and power bar
    Decide a good line and length,
    U can press any button for delivery, the higher the bar the faster the ball
    x. normal delivery
    square – seam left
    triangle – slower ball
    circle – seam right
    l2 and r2 are special deliveries and only work when the confidence metre is high
    pace bowlers have bouncers and Yorkers
    spinners have doosras/googlys and arm balls

    in all other games this is the end of the bowling…….NOT IN LARAS

    u can hit L1 or R1 after the bowlers have released the ball for swing, and the better the bowler the more swing and control u have…….swing can easily make a ball on the stumps veer off to the slips, or a wide ball, nip back in on the stumps for that plum LBW
    So swing and seam can be added if u picked a seam ball, to u can really make it move, or even cancel eachother out – ie Seam left but swing right……….it doesn’t really cancel eachother out it does what it would in real life – swing left then straiten up with right seam – BRILLIANT
    These factors ultimately decides the batters fate and his shot selection

    In all other games this were we take a sip of tea or drag that fag (ciggy)…..NOT IN LARAS……………..pls make welcome FIELDING

    So the shots off and batters are running, as the ball approaches a fielder a timing bar pops up above his head and u gotto stop the moving bar on the line for the ultimate throw
    Now the difference of a good throw and a bad throw from the boundary is a 4 second perhaps 6 second difference…….perfect throws take less than 1 second back to the keeper from the boundary…bad throws take more than 5 second……..this means u can get an extra run atleast – possibly 2 if u picked it early that the throws a shocker
    This means the batter has to decide whther to go or no when the fielders pick-up as no chance in hell can u pinch a single on a good throw from the boundary…it takes around 3 seconds to run a full length of the pitch….a perfect throw takes maximum 1 second to come from the fence…..u’ll be out before ur batters cross, on the perfect throw
    There’s no same throw either….its all relative to how close u stop it from the line of perfection……..i’d say there’s about 10 different throws..from 1 second thru to 6 seconds from perfection to terrible.

    This fielding bar also means u gotto catch and works in the same sense

    I wont name positives or negatives, as the list will be lopsided
    There’s too many positives and about 2 negatives

    2 negatives – No stumping, meaning no charging the bowler
    No back/front foot shot selection

    The rest of the game I cant fault………….its the ultimate cricket experience

    Little things from playing across the line and getting a leading edge as punishment, and being caught on the offside, to the hawkeye and pitchdot reports between overs, to the great smoothness of the replays with awesome collision detection (knicks come off the very edge of the bat, and I have hit the bails clean off, and also knocked stumps out of the ground)

    This DEMO is better than any other cricket game ever released

    All I want is the full version, coz things like pitchware etc I don’t have on the demo

    Playing this demo u are in one great predicament

    A. you are playing the best cricket game of all time
    B. you are limited to 6 overs a side

    If the u have decided u are playing the best cricket game u have ever loaded up which only has 3 teams and 6 overs for each match…….imagine what the same game would do with all the teams, 10 other modes, proper length matches and 4 more in the commentary team……..oh wait………..its coming on July 21……………get ur whites clean, the zinc out, crack the esky, and throw on the barby…………coz its one BIG FEAST FOR ALL HUNGRY CRICKET FANS!!!!!!
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  3. Wally

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    Bloody good effort ak.
  4. NZL Fan

    NZL Fan Guest

    Nice.................I'll be importing for sure............
  5. <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div>
    That will be the very dapper David Gower, AK!
    Cool to hear you like the game.
  6. woodie

    woodie Guest

    Is this demo downloadable?
  7. Badboy

    Badboy Guest

    today i was in a wh smith (i don't remember well) shop and i found a pc game magazine which had has special feature a dvd with blc demo.but i donno where 2 find the ps2 demo.
  8. esoj

    esoj Guest

    the pc demo is downloadable and will proabbly be in magazines soon. not sure on the ps 2 demo some people have been getting it when they pre-order it and others have gone into shops asking for ir. great review there ak47
  9. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    OK AK....

    (mmmm...that sounds quite weird if said out loud)


    OK sealed...

    BLIC 05 coming.....unbelievable. Paid for....ordered..confirmed...and a stray comment in my email response that said cryptically...and teasingly...

    "your order is shipping in a couple of days"



    holy mother of awesomeness....and confusion.....but mostly awesomeness..

    oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo [​IMG]
  10. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    well we smashed this demo in an all important mates tourney last night

    it almost feels like PES, and how different each match plays, and the randomness of wickets, and the amount of runs scored - truly brilliant

    i got hammered by my mate that finally learnt how to field, as he never dropped a catch and run me out 3 times

    i now have to fine tune my game for better fielding, with less catching opportunities

    its tuff with only 6 overs, not to slog and post a good score

    when u play someone that knows what they are doing in the field - ur gameplan is revamped like hell
    havent noticed any bugs however
    one of my mates was telling me how, he has on 4 odds occasion thrown the perfect throw from the boundary, only to go thru the keeper and for 4 overthrows
    now we havent ascertained whether this is a bug, or fielding stats for the thrower or the keeper............nudg nudge.........we are optimistic in thinking it the fielding stats for the keeper, or a mix of the fielder and the keeper
    we dunno what effect each stat has on a player in full depth, nor do we know about the verying ptich types, weather, and the ball, new/old/white/red

  11. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    hey it's with us in two weeks bro! Let's all breathe!!


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