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    Complete Facts of the Day Summary


    If you don't fancy browsing through the Facts Concerning BLIC thread to find all the known facts so far, use this thread instead. It will be updated as and when we get the facts....

    Fact 1. There's eight different pitch types and even footmarks which change progressively; this can be used as a guide to put spin on the ball.
    "We're photographing and recording pitches in each of the major countries to get pitch colours, bounce, grass etc all correct"

    Fact 2. All round excellent gameplay: there's fully intuitive batting, bowling and fielding in the game, and each is as important as each other

    Fact 3. Adding to the televisual style of presentation, Brian Lara International Cricket will also utilise cutting-edge broadcast devices, including Hawk-Eye - fully licensed from its creators, The Television Corporation (

    Fact 4. Brian Lara International Cricket unlockables include a classic squad of 20 with the greatest names from cricket history - WG Grace included.

    Fact 5. If you want to get your skills up to international standards, there are Practice nets to get in shape.
    The practise nets will be very in-depth though - you can get the bowler to bowl specific balls and so they bounce on a specific part of the wicket

    Fact 6. In the Friendly match option, you can play a One Day International, Test Match, or Double Wicket game. More info on Double Wicket to follow in tomorrow's Fact of the Day!

    Fact 7. Double Wicket cricket, included in the 'Friendly' section of the game, is a very accessible way to play BLIC2005 quickly, featuring two batsmen and two bowlers (so it works well as a two- or four-player game).

    You choose which players you would like (a batsman and a bowler, or two all-rounders, would be good - at least one player handy with a bat and one with a ball) and then the amount of overs playable and how many penalty runs any wickets cost.

    Then you play the game as usual. If the opposition get a wicket it just means that the batting side are docked runs (the penalty runs mentioned before).

    After the set number of overs, the side that was previously bowling comes in and they play their overs at bat. Best score, after the penalty runs have been taken off, wins.

    Fact 8. Choose 'One Day International' in the 'Friendly' section of the game and you can change the default number of overs (50) to create a 20:20 match instead.

    Fact 9. To get you guessing, there will be multiple commentary teams featuring some of the biggest and recognisable names in cricket. Can't say who yet though!

    Fact 10. There's over 800 players animations in the game, fully motion captured

    Fact 11. There will be a four-player multiplayer game available (2v2), with the chance for each gamer to join or leave the game at any point.

    Fact 12. There will be full use of the modern technology that's used in the cricket coverage on TV - more on this very soon, when I can say more - but I'm sure you can guess what innovations will be alongside Hawkeye to add to the 'TV-style' coverage.

    Fact 13. The classic squad will contain 20 players - the greatest names in cricket and you can play against them!

    Fact 14. Further to the classic section I was mentioning yesterday - in BLIC2005 you will also be able to replay classic matches, such as the first Ashes test from 1889.

    Fact 15. I'll let you know on the full team run down on Monday, but to get you guessing over the weekend, the Classic squad includes 20 members of which 6 are English, 5 Australian, 5 from the West Indies, 2 from South Africa and 1 each from India and Pakistan.

    Anyone care to guess on who they are? If anyone gets it right (unlikely I know but it's an honest offer), I'll send them a Codies game and goodie bag.

    Please put your guesses on the thread linked below to keep it tidy on this this thread.

    Fact 16. There's six Game Modes: Friendly, Tournament, Challenge, Coaching, Custom, and The Pavillon. I've talked about Friendly already, so next I'll move on to talk about the Challenge mode.

    Fact 17. Talking about game modes, 'Challenge', as mentioned on Monday, will have two major parts - the classic matches, and the Beat the All-Stars section.

    Fact 18. In the Classic Match scenarios, part of the Challenge mode, we have initially gone for 10 classics.

    Fact 19. Brian Lara Criket will have a plethora of well-known cricket sponsors - ad hoardings, teams, bats, balls and helmets will display that distinctive logo or touch to make the game experience even more immersive and encompassing.

    Fact 20. Bit of strange one to throw into the fire, just to let you debate this: You don't not control your fielder when you're running for the ball. He'll do that automatically

    Fact 21. In the 'Custom' section of the game you can create your own 'best of the best' from all the players in the game, both current and classic.

    Fact 22 While there will be a speedometer after you have bowled of course to tell you the speed you bowled at, to control the speed while you bowl, you select the type of ball you want to bowl (using the controller buttons on PS2/Xbox, not sure on PC yet) and then the speed of the ball depends on your run-up, a what point you release the ball, the swing, if your bowler is 'finding his groove' (how bowlers come into and go out of form throughout a match) and the pitch conditions after the ball has left his hands.

    Fact 23. The pitch point marker works differently to previous cricket games in that it is active throughout the run-up rather than being set before the bowler starts his run. This allows for late adjustments to the line and length you are bowling right up to the point when the ball is being released from the bowler's hand

    Fact 24. The Customise menu of BLIC2005 will include a Player Editor, to edit existing players in the game.

    Fact 25. Batting AND bowling can be controlled up until the 'last second' - just as in real life and just as it should be.

    Fact 26. Key to the difference between top quality, average, and tailend batsmen in Brian Lara 2005 is in the foot movement range associated with each batsman type and the range of shots available to them. The better batsmen have much better foot movement, allowing them to play shots that tailenders would struggle with, and they also have many more shots available to them (as in real life).

    Fact 27. Each player is accurately rated in all batting skill areas ... which affects their timing for each shot type. So as you can see there are a multitude of factors that effectively determine differences between the varying levels of batsman skill whilst playing the game - and we'll have them in the game.

    Fact 28. There's no streakers and no pigeons in the game sadly

    Fact 29. In the Practice Nets section you can select the batsman and/or bowler you want to be - so if you're facing a fearsome fast bowler in your next match, you can practice your batting against him before the game starts. Alternatively, you can also pit your bowling wits against the world-class batsman that you can select, who might hit you for six in next round and find his weak-points

    Fact 30. While Online play isn't supported in this version of the game, multiplayer can make up for it, with the Double Wicket match (covered last month) supporting up to 16 players at the same time (eight teams selected, two players per team).

    Fact 31. There are 17 One Day International teams in the game.

    Fact 32. Their are nine variables you can choose when setting up a one-off match:

    Difficulty (measured by village green to test match)
    Match Length (in overs)
    Stadium (chose between all the stadiums in the game)
    Time (day, night, day/night)
    Weather (adds moisture the air, for example)
    Pitch Type (Aussie, northern hemisphere, dry Windies pitch etc - that kind of thing)
    Ball Degradation (how quick the ball ages)
    Ball Type (the usual balls included)
    Ball Condition (how old the ball is to start with)

    Fact 33. Bowling incorporates four different types of delivery, along with an extra two special deliveries.

    Fact 34. One of the classic matches will be Don Bradman's farewell innings v England (OK, it's not the 'Gentlemen of England' but I'm sure you'll let us off) - you also have to get a 100.

    Fact 35. While playing a game as the bowling/fielding side, you automatically field the ball to the most dangerous end of the wicket (the one that will most likely result in an out), rather than having a choice of wickets to aim for.

    That doesn't mean the CPU does everything for you though...

    Fact 36. There are 3 completely licensed stadiums (stadia?) in the game - The Oval, Egbaston and the Rosebowl, while the others are very recognisable even though the names aren't the same (for example, the ground shown in the screens last week).

    Fact 37.The Tournament mode will include the World Cup, and the Champions Trophy.

    Fact 38. All statistics and records in the game are supplied by our official partner - Wisden (

    Fact 39. Two facts in a way today - just found out that I was slightly wrong on the grounds in the game. Those mentioned as fully licensed are only the UK grounds - there will be more world-wide...

    Anyway, the proper Fact of the Day Thursday 10th

    Umpires will have the correct names and some are modelled accurately.

    Fact 40. Perhaps unsurprisingly, there will be 10 test match teams in the game.

    Fact 41. The stats screens for the game engine will include the scoring 'wagon wheels' as used on TV.

    Fact 42. You can play a full 'tour' series against the opposition, choosing the number of ODIs and full tests you would like to play against them.

    Fact 43. In the tournament section of the game all kits will be perfectly recreated and licensed.

    Fact 44. There are 16 players per squad, meaning about 300 players in the game.

    Fact 45. The stadiums list will including the 2003 World Cup venues.

    Fact 46. The game will include all-time bowling and batting records (Lara's 501 for example) - and if you beat it you will become the record holder in the game's Hall of Fame, unlocking rewards along the way.

    Fact 47. Brian Lara International Cricket 2005 is now available to pre-order via our e-shop:

    And it also looks like there will be an Indian/Asian sub-continent PC version of the game released (still called Brian Lara's). It hasn't been confirmed yet, but there are plans for this.

    Fact 48 The tournament section includes a mode similar to the Super Series - containing three ODIs and a six-day test.

    Fact 49. In series you can play up to six tests and six ODIs.

    Fact 50. In the ICC 'World Series' you select a team and you pit your skills against specially customised teams from around the World including African, Asian, Northern and Southern Hemisphere XIs, and ultimately the World XI.

    Fact 51. Hope I haven't done this one the Challenge mode you can play the 'World XI Challenge', a gradually harder and harder task as you play as every international team against a World XI.

    Fact 52. More about the career mode:

    - Create your own Career Player and represent your nation in every available mode
    - Set your player’s specialist skills and attributes and earn stat points to improve your player
    - Select your real licensed kit manufacturers and bat types and weights
    - Hit milestones and unlock Career Player Trophies

    Fact 53. In the Customise section you can create your own XI from all of the players featured, design your own tournaments and leagues, and edit an existing player's name and attributes

    Fact 54. There are 15 stadiums to choose from in the Exhibition mode.

    Fact 55. In the World Cup and Champions Trophy modes you can elect to start at any point; you can do the full tournament or start at the Super Sixes, Semis or Final in the World Cup, and in the Champions Trophy you can start at the Round Robin stage, or the Semis or Final.

    Fact 56. There are ten trophies to win for your trophy cabinet.

    Fact 57. Boring fact but one for those with superior technology - the game can run at 50hz and 60hz mode.

    Fact 58. As I'm looking at a new version of the game this afternoon I'll wait on Fact of the Day, so have a screen today (these aren't going out on general release so I'll have a few to show over the next few weeks exclusively for you) of Shoaib Akhtar instead.

    Fact 59. Some of the equipment licences for the game include Hunts County, Newberry, Gray Nicolls, Gunn and Moore, Slazenger, Duke, and Morrant. There will be more...

    Fact 60. There will be NO manual appealing in the game. It will be future versions but not in this iteration

    Fact 61. The meter at the bottom left of the screen is the confidence meter - for a bowler if the confidence is high (and he's a highly-rated bowler) he can throw in a few surprise deliveries that will not be shown by the marker on the pitch.

    Fact 62. The confidence meter also affects the batsman - depending on skill the batsman, when he's done a few very good shots and is high on confidence, he can get out of tricky bowling situations (the ones detailed yesterday), and also smash away balls easier.

    Fact 63. The in-game cut scenes include the batsmen and bowlers eyeing each other up and sledging each other, after deliveries
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    thats good as!
  4. kaftka

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    This game sounds very promising indeed. I can't wait to finally have a decent cricket game after so many years.

    Also, I love the double wicket matches or whatever they're called, sounds like this game will be brilliant fun in multiplayer as well. The sort of cricket game you can share with your mates over a few beers.
  5. EXACTLY! i hired out cricket 2004, first cricket game ive played so i cant really compare it to anything else, but i felt like, this game in multiplayer at like 10pm half drunk would be awesome!
  6. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    You just know that the gameplay of BLIC willbe better.....

    But then along comes EA, with their shite gameplay and offers up a few things that BLIC should have had:

    - manual appeals
    - charging down wicket with batter
    - domestic competitions

    Why!!! Why codemasters could you not have done this too???

    f*** EA and their meddling with choice when you know their game HAS to be worse overall.....

    (remember cricket 2004 was worse than 2002!!? - I have both and can only endure 2002 - beeter shot physics etc......)

    Please be really good BLIC despite the odd shortcoming......

    OH and twenty-twenty matches in EA cricket 2005 only!? f*** you EA!!!!! You mutherf***ers!!!!! *%$# %$#% %^$#!!! Aaaarrrgggghhhhhhhhhh! [​IMG]
  7. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    Yes, BLIC will most probably be the best game, but are you saying their should be no competition at all? That's crazy talk man.
    Also, you can make your own Twenty20 matches in BLIC (or should I call it RPIC?) by setting the amount of overs to 20. Thats good enough for me. I'm more excited about the double wicket thing though personally.
  8. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    Yeah true ....true.

    No I'm not saying competition isn't good at all...I'm saying that they should BOTH have manual appeals, BOTH have charge down the wicket etc....

    I hate it when they share the goodness so that games are partly good and partly ****......WHY!!?

    They are sequels and should be up to scratch in ALL departments....It's as annoying as Rugby 2005 not having pop passes.
  9. ak47

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    more facts of the day - new ones, from cricketweb

    The cut scenes after the batsman is hit by the ball are particular good - see him limping around the wicket, or rubbing his arm - looks very good in the game.

    In Display Options within the game engine (so while you're playing) you can turn on/off the replays, hawkeye, batting meter, bowling meter and radar - so you can tailor the in-game action to what you would like to see.

    An obvious one but after every wicket the batting side can choose the next batsman - it's not decided by your team sheet. So you can have a night watchman if you want one...

    The 14 bowling styles I've seen so far - available in practice mode and I'll assume available in the main game as well:

    Left arm: chinaman, fast, fast-medium, googly, medium, slow orthodox
    Right arm: fast, fast medium, leg break, medium, medium fast, off-break
    Leg break: LB, LB googly
  10. C+VG UK preview

    "things look extremely promising for the batman's return"
    "a wealth of excellent cricketing options to explore... every conceivable competition, tournament and player you can imagine"
    "it's time spent in the middle which really counts and as you stride boldly out to the crease, BLIC certainly doesn't disappoint"
    "what you strikes you right away is that the gameplay - the core strength of the original series - is absolutely spot on"
    "The original series' appeal reached out way beyond traditional cricket fans because it was simply such a highly playable and intensely satisfying game, and it looks like this latest version will certainly tick all those boxes."
    "it will have the cricketing credentials to satisfy both hardcore and more casual gamers. It will also undoubtedly be intensely satisfying in multiplayer"

    Exclusive PC shots and first play of the batman's return...

    Ah cricket, lovely cricket, and the soft summer sound of leather against helmet. Yup, another cricket season is upon us and for followers of flannelled foolery, this one promises to be one of the most exciting yet as old enemy Australia arrives for what could be the closest Ashes series in years.
    This season also marks another welcome return as well as Brian Lara International Cricket sees a much loved series resurrected to contest a virtual Ashes series of its own against EA's officially licensed brand.

    The prospects indeed are immense, with the seasoned old pro going up against the young pretender and we've already brought you the first interview on Brian Lara's return with Game Designer Justin Forrest.

    Now we're finally ready to check out actual game code itself and on initial viewing we have to say things look extremely promising for the batman's return. From the outset you get the impression that Brian Lara's Cricket has been made with an obvious affection and appreciation for both the original series and the real-life game.
    There's a wealth of excellent cricketing options to explore, including classic teams and legendary players to unlock, some excellent renditions of the world's favourite stadia, and just about every conceivable competition, tournament and player you can imagine - even down to historic double wicket games. Heck, you can even scan your own ugly mug in using EyeToy on the PS2 version and captain England to glorious victory over the Aussies (well, we can but dream).

    However just like the real thing, it's time spent in the middle which really counts and as you stride boldly out to the crease, BLIC certainly doesn't disappoint. As you'll see from our latest screens, the graphics are commendable, but what you strikes you right away is that the gameplay - the core strength of the original series - is absolutely spot on.

    There's a very intuitive feel to the batting, so on easy mode you're soon pinching the odd cheeky single, then nicking the odd two, before confidently cracking a few balls for four. You can pick from either ground, lofted or defensive strokes with your buttons, which combined with a simple push of the joystick to give you a full range of strokes. But just like the real thing, timing is everything and later on batsman's confidence levels also come into play.

    Bowling, although it more or less follows the regular system for cricket games, does present some interesting innovations, with special balls like the flipper for spinners, or the yorker or surprise bouncer becoming available for quicker bowlers as bowlers' confidence levels grow.

    So overall what do we make of our first innings with Mr Lara? Well we'd like to have spent a lot more time at the crease but we have to say on initial inspection, the prospects are more than promising. The original series' appeal reached out way beyond traditional cricket fans because it was simply such a highly playable and intensely satisfying game, and it looks like this latest version will certainly tick all those boxes.

    However there's also plenty of depth and options to enjoy for the die-hard cricket fanatic and so BLIC looks like it will have the cricketing credentials to satisfy both hardcore and more casual gamers. It will also undoubtedly be intensely satisfying in multiplayer - another of the original series' big strengths.

    The other big contender this summer is EA's long-running officially licensed Cricket franchise, but on this showing it better look to its laurels, as it seems the batman is well and truly back.

    We'll have more on Brian Lara International Cricket as it goes head to head with EA's Cricket 2005 as the glorious summer ticks onward.
  11. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  12. I'd ignore that Eye-toy bit. Think the reporter got a bit carried away... [​IMG]
  13. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    I am being optimistic [​IMG]

    The "well we can but dream" is about England beating the Aussies. [​IMG]
  14. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    No apparently it's true....

    EAs version has no fielding....BLIC has, annoyingly, removed the ability to run and cut off the ball etc...but it HAS introduced the throw at the wickets metre etc....and this will mean I get BLIC instead....and on pedigree of course - which counts for something in my book.

    have already ordered BLIC - wahoooooooooooooo!!
  15. -JJ-

    -JJ- Guest

    Rubbergenius (the Codemasters PR guy) said the Eye-Toy thing wasn't true.
  16. It aint it, not now,not ever, never has been in.
  17. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    Ok, my bad...


    looks good though anyway...and I was always make myslef better looking anyway!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    come on....everyone does.......
  18. Another Q+A with the designer [​IMG]

    BLC Q+A
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