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Commonwealth Games



OK the Games are starting this week and this is the place for all discussion on the event except for the 7's.

Seeing as though most of us forum members come from Commonwealth countries,this years Games should provide some great banter.

Looking back at past Games medal tallies i've noticed a few rivalries between some of the Countries represented on this board.


The first i noticed was the battle for second place between England and Canada....... in 94 it was Canada who took second place at home ,but in the last two Games it's been England who's managed to just pip the Canadians..

who will it be this year?


The second rivalry i noticed was the one between New Zealand and South Africa ......... it was NZ that beat SA in 94 but SA came back in 98 and just piped the Kiwis by 1 medal, In 2002 NZ turned the table and it was them who just managed to finish higher on the tally by the smallest of margins.

This year shapes up as another tight one between the two nations ......... will SA keep the one and one trend going? or will the Kiwis out numbered population wise by ten fold, who make it two in a row over the Saffas???

EDIT: on closer inspection i noticed that NZ had 1 more medal in total in98 and in 2002 SA had 1 more in total than NZ :unsure:


Lastly ,there's a great rivalry between the two UK countries of Scotland and Wales.

In 94 it was very close with both countries getting 5 gold medals a peice, but it was Scotland who had the most medals JUST ,getting one more than the Welsh.

In 98 it was the Welsh who turned the tables on Scotland beating them by 3 medals(two silver one bronze) in the final tally.

2002 it was Wales again who just beat out the Scotts by 3 medals again both had 6 gold. who will beat who this year??


OK now im getting confused :wacko: , Im not sure if it's total medals or number of Gold which determines where a Country finishes on the Medal Tally...... if someone could clear this up for me then it would be much appreciated.

One things for sure if you look at the Medal Tally of the last 3 games then the rivalries i mentioned are certainly there....

1994 Victoria,Canada Commonwealth Games

1998 Kuala Lumpar Commonwealth Games

2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games medal tally

Any way, even with a few of the stars missing this years games should be another great one :cheers:
its total number of gold, then most silvers, then most bronze :)

then alphabetical i think :)
South Africa (except in the 7s, obviously - Go Tonga) will take New Zealand to the cleaners this year. Yarpies for fourth or third spot in the medal tally.

The Boomers to beat Scotland by 70 in tonight's basketball match.
The first big upset has happend in the pool with Libby Lenton finishing 2nd to the Scottish girl Mcclatchy(sp?)

There's been 3 events and still no Gold for Australia...........whats going on.

EDIT: Scotland has won the first two gold medals in the pool , Winning Thorpe and Hacketts event the 400m freestyle :bravo:
Moss Burmester or something.... Brilliant. Totaly unexpected.

Just missed bronze in the individual pursuit....By 5 seconds or something...
Originally posted by Wally+Mar 16 2006, 11:51 PM-->
@Mar 16 2006, 10:20 PM
New Zealand GOLD!!! in 200m butterfly for moss somebody :)
Looks like Vettori. [/b]
:lol: I was thinking the same thing......... nothing better than seeing swimmers doing the Haka ;)

Anyway... order has been restored, Australia are on top of the medal table
Medal Tally after the first day official site

Country Gold Silver Bronze Total

Australia 3 4 4 11
Scotland 2 0 1 3
England 1 3 2 6
India 1 0 0 1
NZ 1 0 0 1
SA 1 0 0 1
Canada 0 2 1 3
Wales 0 0 1 1
Originally posted by loratadine@Mar 17 2006, 01:47 AM
come on wales
That Davies guy missed a golden chance (literally) to win the 400m freestyle with Thorpe and Hackett out......... he was the big favorite and was leading most of the race but that Scott shocked everyone and stormed home with the win....... pretty exciting stuff.
moss barrister (or whatever) was the favourite to win that anyway so it wasnt a complete surprise ;)
Originally posted by woosaah@Mar 17 2006, 09:30 AM
moss barrister (or whatever) was the favourite to win that anyway so it wasnt a complete surprise ;)
You tell Ray Warren he was wrong then........go on! :ph34r:
i will then :p we dont get him as a comentator but aparently he was the fastest in the commonwealth and qualified second for the final.

thats just what i heard :p but thats also from dodgy new zealand commentators :) the stuffed up on our cycling got it so wrong it wasnt funny (well it was actually)
Originally posted by Wally@Mar 16 2006, 07:50 PM
The Boomers to beat Scotland by 70 in tonight's basketball match.
You wern't far off .......Boomers thrashed Scotland by 77 points in the Basketball 129-52

EDIT: this is the medal tally at the end of day two...

Australia 12 9 8 29
India 4 3 0 7
England 3 7 4 14
Canada 2 6 4 12
New Zealand 2 1 0 3
Scotland 2 0 3 5
South Africa 2 0 2 4
Malaysia 1 0 2 3
Sri Lanka 1 0 0 1
Bangladesh 0 1 0 1
P New Guinea 0 1 0 1
Wales 0 0 2 2
Singapore 0 0 2 2
Isle Of Man 0 0 1 1
Fiji 0 0 1 1
Rank Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Australia 28 22 21 71
2 England 13 13 11 37
3 India 8 6 1 15
4 Scotland 6 5 4 15
5 South Africa 5 2 5 12
6 Canada 4 13 10 27
7 New Zealand 2 3 6 11
8 Malaysia 1 2 4 7
9 Wales 1 - 3 4
10 Isle of Man 1 - 1 2
11 Sri Lanka 1 - - 1
12 Tanzania 1 - - 1
13 Ghana 1 - - 1
14 Kenya - 2 - 2
15 Bangladesh - 1 - 1
16 Bahamas - 1 - 1
17 Papua New Guinea - 1 - 1
18 Singapore - - 2 2
19 Fiji - - 1 1
20 Pakistan - - 1 1
21 Jamaica - - 1 1

this after day 4 :)
The 100m final is on tonight - one of the best events of the games. Should be special.
meh, that doesnt interest me, not much of hte commonwealth/olympic games does now days. i like the cycling and thats about it really. only watch whatever new zealand is in anyway (since thats mainly all we get in the first place) will watch it if i have the tv on though
Why the hell is Phil Gould doing his stupid special moments thing on the Games

Am i the only one that thinks he's a tosser

...anyway im looking forward to the mens 400m final, the aussie John Steffenson looks a good chance for gold, mens 100m will be good also ,although Asafa is almost certain to win.
what has Phil Gould got to do with commonwealth games anyway? yes he is a tosser.

why do you care who is good for gold? your likly to get over 1/2 of the gold medals anyway :) its like if there was no aussie, it would be a lottery who would get what :)

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