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Just wondered it anybody has received theirs yet and what sort of time scale it took? Did it come in the post or was it delivered by someone like parcelforce? I ordered it on Thursday and still haven't received it yet? Gettin worried.
dont be worried,i also ordered it off ebay. It aint un common for things to take a little while,but most goods depending on location should be delivered within five working days. I also ordered it on thursday and am expecting it tommorow.
Originally posted by sean43@Mar 8 2005, 05:22 AM
I got mine on friday, I ordered last tuesday. It is a great game!
Is this the same sean that was dissin the game about a month ago coming from your mouth saying the game is great this game must be the best game
mine was despatched friday at 11.50pm. I know this because the bloke off ebay e-mailed me to say so. Did yours arrive by royal mail or by someone like parcelforce?
shud i be gettin worried that this still isn't here. Its been 6 days now!

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