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European Challenge Cup 20/21

That half must have been incredibly frustrating to watch as a Bath fa
We're kinda used to it.
Most halves are rugby are a frustrating litany of good play without points, stupid play and compounded errors.
I appreciate the faith shown in Bailey, but Bath really should've put the feelers out for a senior 10 to come in for a few months as injury cover (or offered Cipriani a few K more to start early)
Erm... Cips' contract starts today, whilst Rhys is 2-3 weeks away.
Added to which, Bailey is not the problem today - granted, hes also not the solution for today
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Erm... Cips' contract starts today.
Didn't realise that, fair play - I thought he was joining next season

I'm not saying Bailey's the main issue today at all, but he just doesn't look ready for this level of responsibility yet
If Cipriani is available for play next week then fair enough

Has to be a card coming here - is that 3 penalties in the 22?
I find it really hard to believe that Cokanasiga is the fastest player in the Bath team (as the commentary claimed earlier)
Maybe he was at one point, but not this season
Pre RWC, then yes, but Watson came back from his injury faster than before, Coka seems to have come back slower
I blame chiefs for this obsessions with the 5m tap/constant 5m pick and gos
If it's not happening it's not happening - Montpellier's goalline defence is superb, try something different

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