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European Challenge Cup 20/21

How many times have bath been in the 5m channel and not scored
Would love to see the breakdown of phases (not time) in different areas of the pitch - feel like the majority of Bath's phases have been in that 5m area
Every Bath lineout is a double turnover
Their throw gets picked off then somehow they steal it back immediately after
Don't we have to go down to 14 to replace Walker?
No blood, knee injury not head..
Maybe it's only if going to uncontested scrums?
Didn't think so, but Brace'll know those details better than anyone here
If I was Monte, I'd have just kicked the ball out, give Bath lines out
If any part of your game is misfiring as badly as Bath's lineout, you're going to lose.
If 2 parts (5m flop) misfire that badly, it shouldn't have been this competitive
I really thought a resurgent (prem-form) Bath would win this game but fair play to Montpellier - defence/defence at the setpiece were superb

Them vs Tigers is going to be some match
"Means more to us than anyone else"

IDK being saved from relegation due to cheaters getting dock points to finalist of a semi top competition is pretty meaningful
Great defensive display from Montpellier, Willemsee has been awesome (26 tackles in the match, not one missed, the guy is going to sleep well tonight!)
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