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Fa'atau's Rugby 06 PC MOD thread..


I can confirm two things.. the bin file can be replaced directly from one team to another.. so samoa now have a collar not a round neck. Very quick and easy way to edit.

.. and also that Jonah's face does work.
kit styles with readme HERE hope you can understand it, im not too good at explaining things sorry

dont worry Lomus face works fine as does a lot of the french players, Im pretty sure the game crashed on me with andrew mehrtens but not certain [/b]
The game didnt crash for me with andrew mehrtens but he was bald excpet for in replays
The logos on your England shirts look horribly stretched ingame. Also, the World Cup version shouldn't have the O2 logo on.
I am aware of that 02 logo, but i tried to cater for everyone.. and will try to get round to fixing things. I'm only doing this in my spare time, which isn't much.
I have made Samoa and i'm updating the Guinness Premiership. I am nearly finished the rosters for a complete NH patch for the new season and will also make the new Guinness Premiership kits too.. which are out very soon. I can go by Magners League website for welsh, irish and scottish teams, but i think they are very badly out of date.
Yes please PeeJay.. and for the national team as well please.

Some clubs have large rosters and you can't find everyone on, in this case just select the XV and then the subs and the rest can go in the welsh player database.

Can i just say that if it's possible can you lay the data out like this..

As an example for players that are new and not in the game.. (i have done Hook btw) They don't have to be 100% accurate, but i need the top 22 players really. Don't want a N.Ewbie in the place of a S.Tarplayer.. :)






6. F.Filesimo / TON / black / bald / average skill




10. J.Hook / WAL / white / short blk hair / playmaker skill





















I can do the line-ups, but I'm not sure which players are in the game and which aren't. When I've done the line-ups, if you could give me a list of players from the line-ups that aren't in the game so I can describe them for you, that'd be useful.

Llanelli Scarlets:

1) Iestyn Thomas
2) Matthew Rees
3) Ben Broster
4) Adam Eustace
5) Scott Macleod
6) Simon Easterby
7) Gavin Thomas
8) Alix Popham
9) Dwayne Peel
10) Stephen Jones
11) Mark Jones
12) Gavin Evans
13) Regan King
14) Dafydd James
15) Morgan Stoddart

16) Ken Owens
17) Phil John
18) Vernon Cooper
19) Dafydd Jones
20) Liam Davies
21) Ceiron Thomas
22) Matthew Watkins

23) Deacon Manu
24) James Hayter
25) Lou Reed
26) James Bater
27) Nathan Thomas
28) Nathan Brew
29) Darren Daniel
30) Garan Evans

1) Duncan Jones
2) Huw Bennett
3) Adam Jones
4) Brent Cockbain
5) Alun-Wyn Jones
6) Jonathan Thomas
7) Filo Tiatia
8) Ryan Jones
9) Justin Marshall
10) James Hook
11) Shane Williams
12) Gavin Henson
13) Sonny Parker
14) Nikki Walker
15) Lee Byrne

16) Barry Williams
17) Andrew Millward
18) Ian Evans
19) Richie Pugh
20) Mike Phillips
21) Shaun Connor
22) Stefan Terblanche

23) Cai Griffiths
24) Richard Hibbard
25) Andy Lloyd
26) Steve Tandy
27) Matthew Jones
28) Andrew Bishop
29) Aled Brew
30) Jonny Vaughton

Cardiff Blues:

1) Gethin Jenkins
2) Rhys Thomas
3) John Yapp
4) Scott Morgan
5) Robert Sidoli
6) Robin Sowden-Taylor
7) Martyn Williams
8) Xavier Rush
9) Jason Spice
10) Nicky Robinson
11) Chris Czekaj
12) Jamie Robinson
13) Tom Shanklin
14) Tom James
15) Gareth Thomas

16) Taufa'ao Felise
17) Gareth Williams
18) Paul ***o
19) Maama Molitika
20) Richie Rees
21) Nick Macleod
22) Marc Stcherbina

23) Gary Powell
24) Duane Goodfield
25) Deiniol Jones
26) Andy Powell
27) Dai Flanagan
28) Tal Selley
29) Rhys Williams
30) Ben Blair

Newport Gwent Dragons:

1) Jamie Corsi
2) Steve Jones
3) Rhys Thomas
4) Luke Charteris
5) Adam Jones
6) Colin Charvis
7) Richard Parks
8) Michael Owen
9) Andy Williams
10) Ceri Sweeney
11) Gareth Wyatt
12) Ashley Smith
13) Paul Emerick
14) Richard Mustoe
15) Kevin Morgan

16) Kieran Crawford
17) David Maddocks
18) Peter Sidoli
19) Jamie Ringer
20) Wayne Evans
21) Rhodri Davies
22) Martyn Thomas

23) Hugh Gustafson
24) Ben Daly
25) Andrew Hall
26) Nic Fitisemanu
27) Alex Walker
28) Gareth McCarthy
29) Richard Fussell
30) Aled Thomas

Don't be surprised if I've made some errors, but I've tried to use the most up-to-date squads I could find.
Cheers PeeJay. The welsh squads in the game currently very outdated.. yours look ok to me.. i know ben broster has moved to llanelli recently from saracens.
For anyone who really wants it, i am doing the fleur du lys jersey for Stade Francais.. looks ok at the moment.. it is growing on me..

Will try to post an in-game preview soon.

1) Gethin Jenkins
2) Matthew Rees
3) Chris Horsman
4) Ian Gough
5) Alun-Wyn Jones
6) Colin Charvis
7) Martyn Williams
8) Alix Popham
9) Dwayne Peel
10) Stephen Jones
11) Shane Williams
12) James Hook
13) Tom Shanklin
14) Mark Jones
15) Gareth Thomas

16) Rhys Thomas
17) Duncan Jones
18) Robert Sidoli
19) Jonathan Thomas
20) Mike Phillips
21) Gavin Henson
22) Kevin Morgan

23) Adam Jones
24) Iestyn Thomas
25) Huw Bennett
26) Ian Evans
27) Gavin Thomas
28) Gareth Cooper
29) Ceri Sweeney
30) Sonny Parker

Again, there may be some points of contention in there, but if people don't like my decisions, they can always change the Wales squad for themselves in the game.

Stade Francais change kit 06-07.. will try and preview with kitbacks in the game very soon. The kit isn't 100% authentic, i had to take the lys graphics where i could from the originals on the back of the shirt.
any chance of posting the links to some of your kits anytime soon? dying to get them in my game!
Lamas, i have the stade francais kit working, but there are no numbers on the kitbacks at the moment. It is very time consuming making kits.. not the jersey, but the it's the 22 kitbacks..
I stopped doing kits for the time being as rosters needed doing. Rosters are nearly done now for the entire game (no super 14 yet) so after that, and after i have got the data.gob file from rugby 08 from someone, i will start making kits to go with new rosters.. and importing licensed kits from rugby 08.

Inhave the paris kit, but it has no numbers. It looks ok, it's playable if you want it. Say if you want ti and i will try to get it for download over the weekend.
So i'd have to add the numbers myself? i dont mind i'll wait if you want, for you to make it better or whatever, I was just curious because it looked like it was coming along well.
It is, but i am only a one man crew and have to try to make time for this. The roster update i did is huge. I figured posters would maybe start on new kits for the new season and then i can get mixed up in that when it happens.

Notice no-one is doing it at the moment.. there is a reason i guess.

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