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Football Thread

From what i can tell the prem clubs have absolutely shafted the lower league teams. Nobody consulted them at all. When my local club Cambridge United got a fourth round replay at Old Trafford it was worth neay a million quid to them. It basically kept the club alive. Really poor that it's been taken away from the lower leagues. I expect more of a backlash to come.
More games because they want growth (see enlarged UCL, WC) but at the expense of small clubs. But that can't be reconciled with top players workloads. It's a shame, I would actually think about going to more smaller, local club's games, having given up ever of getting tickets to Anfield.
Didn't realise they are averaging a new manager every 2 years for a decade. That's bad.
I've heard rumours UTD are interested in Southgate. That would be ******* hilarious if they appointed him.
Who knows? Just rumours. His contract ends in December. But FA desperate to keep him. Goldbridge on YT is funny when he goes on one his rants as he's not a fan.
Like everything with refereeing there just needs to be consistency. I know easier said than done, but you should at least try to get rid off completely wrong errors.

As you say communication needs to be better. Fans should be able to hear the reasoning and the process.
Ange Postegoglu summed up the VAR situation very well when he said football are looking at other sports to improve their game, sports like rugby that are trying to speed up their games, but the things they take from it slow down football.

I think there's a better case for VAR in football than there is for a TMO in rugby. There's so much more stuff going on in a rugby match and it's way more chaotic. One of the main appeals of football is that it's a simple, fast game with next to no dead ball time. I don't think VAR is going anywhere though.
Online goal technology is a no brainer. But VAR for offsides has killed that spontaneous explosion of joy when a goal is scored. Now it's yesss! Scored and then oh wait let's see if VAR has ruled it out after 5 minutes of waiting for lines to be drawn to see if his toenail was offside. Coventry's goal v Man U being a classic example.

Well done to Stephen Warnock for getting his predicted top 4 spot on. The others picking Man U and Chelsea in theirs (with the benefit of hindsight) 🤦‍♂️
So Pochettino is leaving Chelsea after one season and finishing 6th.
There is something inherently wrong at that club. An owner who wants to manage and buy players the coach doesn't want isn't a recipe for success.
I'm not surprised Pochettino left. Heaven knows who will take over. The names being bandied around are not inspiring.
José's free.

Having a system of Offering players 8 year contracts and paying massive wages, fees - amortising them over the period on isn't going to help them. Hope it ends up biting them in the ass in terms of FFP.

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