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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by edinburgh_gunner, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. gdblond

    gdblond Guest

    When someone will make the BO's kit please??
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  3. SCARY82

    SCARY82 Guest

    Salut les français d'ici, surper les maillots de chez nous, mais ou sont les liens pour les DL ? Bon travail sinon ! On est tous fan du stade je vois ! :bravo:
  4. gdblond

    gdblond Guest

    euh nan dsl ms je suis biarrot moi :)
    j'attends toujours le kit du BO d'ailleurs ...
  5. Darhf

    Darhf Guest

    1) Calm down and speak english ;)

    2) The BO and other teams kits were made by Ensta and are not converted yet. You just need to wait for edinburgh_gunner to put it on the first post of this thread in order to download them.
  6. Damn right. Now that will be....well whenever I find the right .big files for the kits.
  7. Ensta

    Ensta Guest

    Darhf, is it possible you explain me the different operation to convert .fsh to.big in french please (here or by PM) because I don't understand very well in Big project 2005.
  8. You could use EAgraph to import the image directly into the .fsh file while it is in the .big archive. Darhf will probably make more sense to you though,
  9. I think between me and Ensta's we've covered most of Europe. I've done the Celitc League and he's done the top 14 teams. The Guiness Premiership was already done so it'll just be cause of doing Stade Francais, Ulster and updated the GP teams. Could someone tell me which teams need updating?

    I know so far:
    London Irish
  10. Ensta

    Ensta Guest

    I'm doing Castres and I will try doing Clermont, and I search Biarritz's change and Clermont's change.
  11. Good stuff. Hopefully between the two of us we'll get European clubs updated.
  12. Ensta

    Ensta Guest

    Castres kits in .PNG.


  13. SCARY82

    SCARY82 Guest

    les kits maillots des clubs francais vous avez réussi a les mettres ds rugby 06 ?

    Je parle francais et alors ? si on y arrive pas en anglais y'a quelques francais qui pourront me comprendre au moins !
  14. I'm sorry but I don't speak French.
  15. Ensta

    Ensta Guest

    Les premiers sont en première page dont celui du Stade, les autres suivront.
    C'est un site anglosaxon faut donc faire un effort de leur parler en Anglais même si tu maîtrises pas totalement, si tu as des questions poses les moi par MP.
    Maxime des capitouls.
  16. empppapy

    empppapy Guest

    Yes you'd better try to write in English so that everyone can understand.
    Imagine if everyone started to speak its own language ... that would quickly turn out into a real mess
  17. SCARY82

    SCARY82 Guest

    Pas de blem Frère :lol: :lol: :lol:

    No problem my brother ! ( Et oui j'y arrive aussi ! )
  18. Ensta

    Ensta Guest

    Biarritz's change kit.

  19. OK thanks.

    Ensta, can you post your kits in the Rugby 06 mod project thread? Just cause I'd asked Kafta to split this thread so I didn't get my stuff muddled with other kit makers stuff. I'll still post the links on the first page though.
  20. I've just done Ulster. I'll take some screens and upload within the hour.
  21. Ensta

    Ensta Guest

    I don't understand very well.
    I post all of my kit's in .jpg in The Big Rugby 2006 Modification Project ?
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