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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by edinburgh_gunner, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. gdblond

    gdblond Guest

    edinburgh_gunner: excuse me but can you say me when BO's kit will be finished please?
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  3. I'm just back from my game, so give me a couple of minutes - I want to check I've installed them correctly then I'll upload.
  4. gdblond

    gdblond Guest

    Take your time there's no problem :)
  5. gdblond

    gdblond Guest

    Have you got any problem?
  6. Right, stop yer whinging. I'm going to upload the Biatritz kits along with Perpingan and Castres once I check Perpingan.
  7. They've been uploaded.
  8. dont worry Gun there just excited french fans! :bana:

    keep the good work up buddy!
  9. Cheers laddie.

    I'm going to give those Borders kits a shot this week, if I don't have alot of homework.
  10. lol64

    lol64 Guest

    Thanks Gunner !
  11. Ensta

    Ensta Guest

    Good job Gunner but excuse me I've do some error.
    We must change the name for home and change kit of Perpignan, and for home and change kit of Bourgoin.
    After in the game they haven't do the blue kit of Perpignan so I've do it but I don't know how we do the kit's back so I think I will do the Perpignan's kit with the original, and there is the same probleme with Bourgoin's kit.
  12. Yeah, your backs were missing.
  13. Ensta

    Ensta Guest

    So two solution.
    1)Change the back, but I don't know do it.
    2)Change the kit with this, but after one should not forget to change the name between the home and change kit for the two teams.


  14. Thanks for those.

    I've actually done the Ulster kits, just I'm back at school after a week off so I've not had a chance to upload but I intend to do that tonight.

    I've also re-done the Edinburgh jersey as I didn't like the way the shoulder piping looked.

    The Edinburgh away jersey is a work in progress, but I've been able to give it the right collar by changing the config file.

    Watch this thread for some updates tonight.
  15. lol64

    lol64 Guest

    Hi, Gunner would you know how to change names in game please ?

    Thx for your job.
  16. Nah sorry I don't. That's this is a kit thread :).
  17. Darhf

    Darhf Guest

    I'm on it.

    Meanwhile give me all the false names and their real counterparts.
  18. lol64

    lol64 Guest

    Oki Gunner and Darhf do you want it in text ?
  19. I've added Ulster now.
  20. Darhf

    Darhf Guest

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