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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by Trev@Swordfish, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    have you not done a thousand drop goals? they are so **** easy!!

    scored a couple of grubber tries.....

    also although RL2 is sub=par...can I say to whoever kept saying 'every time I went to pass I scooted out of dummy half" to simply read the instruction booklet? lol!!!

    pass must be done without touching the analogie stick....

    also, although I hate the momentym problems in the game and lack of some control....there are tricks (yes, yes, sorry, again it is the case) to speed up both the play of the ball and to swiftly pass from dummy half....and get that all important momentum and the opposition on the hop etc......

    Does no one else play a game hard out that they have bought before despairing - cases in point: RL2 and rugby 05.....both deserve criticism....but a lot of it is, and this will no doubt make me unpopular, becos the criticisers arent/weren't good enough to take the game the fruthrest it could be taken and experiment a little...try to play differently or experimet with controls and approaches to see if they have it just right etc......why bloody not? what a waste of time buying and playing may as well buy a painting, hang it on the wall backwards and then throw it out becos it looks plain....why not just turn it around?
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  3. raziel_eire

    raziel_eire Guest

    holy ****... los and esoj, will you two ever give over?

    somebody comes on who has played the damn thing, likes it and now you're telling him that it still stinks of dog ****

    ... he has it himself, he isn't being swayed by anyones opinion to get it or to like it - he has it, palyed it, liked it

    AK hasn't said its perfect, far from it, but c'mon, shooting it down 'coz he comes on and says something is "fluid" and he is instantly told that its "too fluid - too easy"... give us a break, EA's R06 will be better - thats fair enough

    But can the "RC2006 is shite" campaign stop? (at least until you've played it)
  4. esoj

    esoj Guest

    the controller configuration for the buttons is just way to hard on rl 2 to actually do anything else. punt is very easy to do and so I use it.
    defintely are some tricks to rl 2 for sure.

    as for the longevity of rc2006 I don't really know. it seems to need some editing to names in career mode and editing of sh kits etc for it to last more than a couple of weeks especially for sh fans. nh might last longer as they don't have to edit as much due to swordfish being able to license basically everything for them. they would still be stuck wtih fake names in career mode though so for them after wining the gp or whatever they will either be bore or maybe have bough ea06 by then.
  5. The too fluid = too easy statement is laughable.

    Word has it Konami's test department is asking animators to halve the framerates of their animations to ramp PES 6's difficulty level up. [​IMG]

    Armchair experts...the worlds full of 'em.
  6. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    what more laughable is that he asumed i was on intensive care


    too fluid too easy on fun mode...............perhaps [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    intensive care subtleties will come in time, with more experience

    i'm not ready yet..........i still lose in career mode, on normal

    p.s i only had 1 game on fun....won it 21-0
    went to normal, and have stayed there since coz i do lose, against the good teams on career mode.
  7. esoj

    esoj Guest

    I wasn't trying to sway ak at all as he has the game and likes it. and I am going off what he has said about the game. raziel he said you cannot change the names in career mode so are you suggesting that what he says is wrong. and why do i need to play the game to find out that you can't edit the career player names when other people can tell you. I am getting information from people that have played the game and forming my views based on that and you are suggesting that this information is wrong.
  8. Paddy

    Paddy Guest

    I recommened hiring the game b4 you buy. I know player names and gameplay are two different things, but with fake players on SH teams it kinda takes the abit of fun from the gameplay

    Its like "yay, i scored an awesome try with......who the !@#$ is he????"
  9. raziel_eire

    raziel_eire Guest


    where exactly did I say any of that?

    where did I dispute names being changed/not changed???


    ... the point I was making was: that you both always want to knock this game, despite having not played it, even if the other person who you are debating it with has played it and liked it (but not every element of it)

    as someone else asked - are you guys a tag-team or some **** like that?
  10. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    its big Johnny Cartwright

    the penrith panther from yesteryear, the offload king

    seriously its just some random with decent 3rd division stats
  11. esoj

    esoj Guest

    I am not just knocking the game for the sake of it. I am going off information from people that have played the game and I am now accuesed of slagging the game off for fun. you do realize that not everyone in this part of the world can afford to pay for both games right. if you can afford to pay for both games full credit to you, other of uz can't and are trying to get information about the game but get accused of slagging the game off when we do.
  12. raziel_eire

    raziel_eire Guest

    esoj ... you've not been the worst, I'll give you that

    ...but I do remem some enthusiatic views of yours previously:

    "yes a player editior is needed because the game is not up to scratch standard.
    I don't know rc2006 rucking seems to be equally lame. bash button x and you still end up losing it. what we really need is manual rucking . ea06 rucking may not be perfect either but seems like it will have more to it than rc2006.
    lol it is pretty funny. everyone was lead to be believe and thought that this game would be the game to get but no we have been letdown. rucks etc nearly everything about this game is not up to scratch
    hmm interesting the rucks maybe not as bad as first thought. too bad the rest of the game also fails to deliever.
    the career mode was the one possible thing that could have saved the game for me but sadly that too is crap and has not been thought out properly by swordfish
    this game was hyped on this forum just as much as people said rl 2 was if not more. this game has failed to live up to this hype without a doubt.

    my point being that you've not played the game, yet you are still saying things like the above

    Now if these are all impressions that you've gained from others, fair enough, but they all seem rather negative
    I can't remem too many (or any?) occasions where you have endorsed any of the positive feedback given by guys who have played the game

    but each to their own, you in no way have to like it - hey, I might not! and if you can't afford both games, then definatley do as you are doing and wait for R06 to appear to get the lowdown on it too before purchasing

    its just the negativity (fairly constant, from los its always) that doesn't rest well with me

  13. esoj

    esoj Guest

    I will give you the second quote and that is it.
    as it has been confirmed that you don't need to bash button x

    the rest are all true though and if that is negative then so be it. you don't need to play the game to know that it has fallen well short of what it was talked up to be.

    and the career mode is crap. why can't you edit the player names like you can in other parts of the game. why can't you at least buy the licesned player in career mode.

    why do I need to play the game to make those comments though. the second quote is the only one i can give you. the rest you do not need to play the game to find out

    edit and the first part of the third quote I admit as wrong as rucks aren't really that bad.
  14. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    to be honost with all the 1st RC2006 threads saying it was gods gift blah blah, was prolly over the top

    it is good, but not groundbreaking..............its better than EA05, so at the time of locks n co's playtime it was the best.
    although i gotto admit, i have only had 1 nights play

    this means the following

    it could get amazingly better as i walk the learning curve
    it could get shickoingly worse as i wlak the learning curve

    what i do know and will confirm, the rucks/mauls are the best since rugby2001, or JLR
    the kicking game is the best

    the fake player names are the worst implemented in any unliscenced game.....
    my take is UBISOFT had alot more red-tape procedures, and didnt want them to go near the line, with likensss and similar names.........otherwsie its UBISOFT v EA in court, which would be a heavyweight title fight within the legal system.
  15. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    yeah good one buddy......

    what a load of hogwash!!!!


    Read between the lines dude - even in AK's posts as he desperately tries to love it......

    this for example - he thinks it is just better than05, but admits to not liking rigby what is he saying?

    rucks, rucks, rucks.....we already know that, but we THAT over and over again...

    there are FACTS about the game that are known....

    If I say

    I hate the speed bar
    I hate the no jump
    I hate the no proper player names for NH or SH to buy/trade in career mode (so-called)
    I hate no likenesses or licences for the SH (black gregan> no,no he's white you see//lol!!! [​IMG] ))
    I hate that there are no quick line-outs and that pop ball is a bit hit and miss, mostly miss...
    I hate that AK hasn't had a bloody intensive care game on WORLD CUP with a good team against a good team ( - let's see what happens...cos I think you'll win if you honestly play with the use of what you know already works)
    I hate that you can break the intercontinental record (with a half-decent team) for consecutive rucks and not losing the ball.....allowing any practiced gamer to eventually crack em every time...

    I could go on with above are FACTS.

    Esoj and I are sharing the negatives of the game - YES!!! - But that is not to say we are being negative...

    it's just that, if you don't give much more than a flying f*** about rucks......and can't admit that the kicking (as stated in reviews - search yourself) is just as good, yet more random in its effectiveness and out comes (reaaadddddd), in rugby 06 by all that is on par (at conservative estimate)...better (by most accounts from PLAYERS of the game) more realistically.....THEN WHAT ARE THE MANY POSITIVES THAT PEOPLE LIKE MYSELF AND ESOJ ARE ACTUALLY LOOKING FOR.......I am sure we speak for many gamers when we wanted either:

    - no speed bar (totally unrealistic)
    - the ability to jump (yes no normal running and jumping!! hilarious!)
    - editing of stats (crucial - I know so, as ,painfully, you well know I do)
    - honest simulation of game (arcadey is a cop-out means 'shallow')
    - SH licenses or at the least likenesses...NO?....oh we can edit at least tho eh!? NO! Oh thanks for nothing and you can have your "FFS!!!" back in ya face twenty fold
    - less jag step bugs - still there
    - to not be lured into the grubber or chip tries endlessly becos of pace running out in a matter of seconds on every break
    - to have pop pass effective in situations where it was on and timed perfectly (again - just reeeeeaaad and you will find this has been categorically stated)
    - quick rucks or, as some of the players of the game will attest to, quicker play of the balls!! [​IMG]
    - Players falling backwards often when tackled from behind on breaks

    are we to cease becos SOME people like:

    - rucks
    - training their team of nobodies
    - its ;cool' arcadey feel (despite the fact that a sports game should, by its nature, be a simulation as it MUST actually recreate the aspects of the sport in question and its various aspects to actually BE FUN.) I read arcadey as being shallow....and I bet SHers are with me in the next 24-72 hrs too........

    Proof will be in the pudding right? when many say, even if it takes a week or two, 'Okay, I admit it's crap' (especially SHers) - where you will be left having accused us of being incorrect or not knowing what we were talking about?

    Can you dispute that the lists above essentially cover what is bad...and then what has been stated as good by the game.....? [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    we know what we're doing, and I can't speak for esoj, but I have done my reading on both games...ALL OF IT!@!! okay?


    we harp on, becos people harp back and we must reiterate what is fact.....we are also quite free to muse on what else might be wrong...however we always say 'onder' or 'suspect' or, as I have often done, simply ask each BAH HUMBUG dude!!!

    it's a forum.

    and as I say, if you are going to dispute what we are saying and cause people to part with their often hard-earned cash and be disappointed....when you were plugging'll be sorry NOT me. I have issued caution and suggested hiring, I have even said I will myself at some point.

    But PLEASE bro! Come off it....

    are you saying we don't deal with the facts? cos that is this game.

    yes, factually speaking, it is nonsense.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    dispute it.....the facts that is....

    and you can expect more posts in much the same manner from both of us. It's clled being informed and keeping people informed.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  16. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    EA05 is a good game but the breakdown within EA05 is just pathetic, and ruin what could have been a killer game
    RC2006 is a good game, but the lack of SH officialness, and speed bar ruin what could have been a killer game

    The ultimate game is this....when i say EA i mean 2005.

    EA looks
    EA liscense
    RC career mode
    RC rucks/mauls
    RC kicking game
    EA atmoshpere
    EA lineouts
    RC menu features
    EA dirt
    RC passing

    take a pick of what is most important for ur rugby gaming experience and choose.

    or get both like me.

    i am here to help people choose los............not geting debatable of certain contradiciting posts etc etc.......i am at work......and thats valuable TRF time wasted [​IMG]
  17. esoj

    esoj Guest

    yeah thats right los.

    and I have done my fair share of reading about both games and also take in what ak and other have been saying as well.

    all we are doing really is finding out the facts about both games so that we can make an informed decision not only for ourselves but the rest of the forum.

    why waste forking out money for a game that I wll proabbly play for a week and never play again.
  18. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    "i am here to help people choose los"...mmmmmmmmmm

    or to justify your oew hunches and selection - human nature after all...even if subconsciously...

    I understand psychology and suspect this the case

    especially when you say kicking is best in RC2006 - even tho you are already exploiting grubbers and chips...

    kicking in rugby06 was described by Locksley as the BEST ever without doubt....ball physics awesome.......and radnomness of results...grubber excellent etc etc a search. I also 'believe' the passing will be better....still struggling with the ol' short ball? even have the gaul to mention 'career mode' as being better in RC2006...


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    yeah it seems just awesome.....the options for players are endless [​IMG] ....

    thus, from your list, looking at it realistically you have basically one advantage -

    what are they?

    you guessed it: rucks!!!

    f***ING RUCKS!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    I say we declare RUCK a four letter word and ban it from the forum.

    you fail to mention the following (of course you do, it wouldn't serve your argument).... =

    scrums - EA
    running - EA
    quick line-outs AS WELL as general lineouts - EA
    set-plays - EA
    ways of attacking - EA
    ease and realism of defence...defensive patterns and tackle animations - EA

    that has the tally at 14-1 in favour of EA....shall I keep going? (14-1!!! LOL!!!!)


    ability to steal ball at ruck - and not BEFORE formed (although can too) - EA
    star players - EA
    tactical surprises and innovations (R1 et al) - EA

    and so on and so forth.....

    It's a record.....but it sure as hell ain't a broken one!!!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  19. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest


    but will they accept that?


  20. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    kicking in rugby06 was described by Locksley as the BEST ever without doubt....ball physics awesome.......and radnomness of results...grubber excellent etc etc etc

    already know this and cant wait....will be good, my dreams come true

    but as i said this was v EA05, as i havent played EA06 to comment at all.

    you even have the gaul to mention 'career mode' as being better in RC2006...

    career mode with liscenses would send World league to the cleaners...which is why i said EA liscense and RC06 career mode

    scrums - EA
    running - EA
    quick line-outs AS WELL as general lineouts - EA
    set-plays - EA
    ways of attacking - EA
    ease and realism of defence...defensive patterns and tackle animations - EA

    Scrums - Yes, EA - i did forget that.....fookin ******* [​IMG]
    Running - RC, coz the EA animation of not free flowing running and passing, RC running and passing is better, and more fluid
    Set-plays - well there arent any in RC, so i thought that was a gimmie
    Ways of attacking - still on my learning curve, so cant disclose which is better
    Tackle animations - RC2006 by a mile!!!

    U cant possbile KNOW any of that without playing RC2006...thus ur assuming

    but good luck to you anyways

    As i said i'm here to help and am being truthful...............if u think/assume/believe otherwise, thats ur parogative, but keep assumptions of which is better to you until u play RC2006.

    star players - EA

    baaaaaahhhh baaaaaaahhh black sheep...........i was comparing to EA05, not EA06.
  21. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    But we know what is in EA06 ya cop out!!!!!

    Jesus!!! It has been played and reviewed and facts have been shared....

    compared to 05 your list is bad...

    compared to 06 it would be a write-off...

    you never answered my question about the fullback either on the other thread...

    again - your fullback come into the line much...hitting those awesome short balls?

    After one day, you don't rate it with Blics?

    Oh oh.

    Oh and also, I love the career mode WITH LICENCES would be waaaayyy better!!!!


    what the f*** does that even mean?

    It DOES NOT have them.....

    That's like saying it would be cool to live on the surface of the sun if it wasn't so f***ing hot! IT IS HOT!!!!

    That's it.

    you are talking nonsense now and I will live you to let the novelty wear thin in your own time.

    Astute observers will separate fact from fiction.

    enjoy! - I know come hell or high will.

    until the other reviews start hitting the threads that is....

    Oh she is going to be a world of pain...

    cred is hard to get back once lost.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    (jokes - sorta)
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