Let the Super League extravaganza begin

Discussion in 'The Clubhouse Bar' started by TRF_Saints, Jan 25, 2010.

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    2010 brings about another big number for the Engage Super League, as the sport’s premier competition reaches a new milestone and Super League XV kicks off. 15 years have passed since the competition was launched with much fanfare and fireworks in Paris, and we now enter another season with anticipation. The competition received a lot of criticism last year from a lot of fans, though not all of them, about the slowed down play of the ball. Last season, teams such as Huddersfield and Hull KR, who weren’t regular playoff contenders in previous years, soared to the high heights of third and fourth respectively. The consensus of many is that they achieved this because of a slowed down play of the ball. It is definitely true that the play of the ball was slowed down considerably in 2009, a step the RFL used to try and help England’s (ultimately failed) 2009 Four Nations campaign in order to promote ball handling skills. It was personally something I was against and whilst we competed with the Kangaroos for 65 of the 80 minutes in the final, we looked at our best when our quicker players like Roby, Eastmond and Tomkins got on the front foot.

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