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Discussion in 'General Gaming Chat' started by Zonerunner, Mar 4, 2009.

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    I love Phantasy Star Online. I bought ver. 2 on the Dreamcast, and all 3 Episodes on the Gamecube at launch. Some of my best and worst memories were from playing that game online on the Dreamcast. Aside from Team Fortress Classic on the PC, it was essentially my first foray into online gaming. The Dreamcast versions in particular were masterstrokes because they were free to play online, so its no surprise that I spent most of my time there. When the Gamecube versions came along though, they decided to stick a more-traditional MMO-esque monthly fee on top. I tried to mount offline game sessions with friends using the Gamecube's 4-player mode, but alas, the spark faded, and PSO was assigned to my personal history book as I moved onto other titles.

    So, this will be close to 5 years later, and Sega have shut down their servers for PSO: Blue Burst, which was essentially a PC version of the Gamecube game, with lots of new missions on top (the so called "Episode 4"). Presumably because they still insisted on charging a monthly fee on top, and a action heavy Diablo-esque MMO just isnt deep enough to be asking for that kind of output. Still, now that Sega no longer have a vested financial interest in it, some enterprising clever chap has made an unofficial server for everybody to play for free once more.

    I set it up today, plugged in my 360 controller into the PC and it brought back all the enjoyable memories I once held towards the title. So I thought i'd point it all out the TRF forumites to see if they can gleam some of the enjoyment out of the series I enjoy so much. And who knows, maybe if there's sufficient demand, the peeps can organise together some parties to go hunting for some phat lewt...
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