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Proteas VS Windies



wow, we sucked againsts the west indies today

i think we can still win this one, what do you guys think?

basically day 4 starts tomorrow...

west indies are 144/8 in their second innings, they have about 350 run lead at the moment.
they've only lost to England and Australia in recent series if memory serves me.

Even stevens though at the moment in this one, although plenty of injuries as well, at least this one isn't blighted by the woeful umpiring in Sydney.

SA 149-5 trailing by 94.
Very interesting start today. Second test. Windies at 96-4, leading by 18 runs in thier second innings, with Gayle and Chanderpaul in. Both teams have injured players, which were sustained during this test match. Alot of speculation has surrounded the out field. The grass was longer in the first innings for both teams, and there's been talk that that was the reason for the injuries combined with the soft ground underneath.
Series tied at 1-1, with Smith finally reintroducing himself to the scorers, and Gibbs finally getting axed- only to be included in the squad for the final test in Durban, with his replacement, the desperately unlucky Neil McKenzie, also doing a hamstring and likely ending his test career.

Steve-O, what`s the weather doing over there in Durbs? I heard that you guys had some heavy rains over there, and the wicket might be a bit soft and slow as a result?
Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if the covers have been on the pitch 80% of the time in the last 4 days. The guys at Kingsmead have been kept busy with this on-off rain.

I predict a slow wicket.

How do you think we gonna adapt our bowling attack BokMagic? Our bowlers thrive on quick wickets
Well it depends on the make-up of the attack I`d say. If the wicket`s a bit green as well as soft and slow, you`ll need the blokes who can swing it and move it off the seam, rather than out-and-out bang and bounce type bowlers. So if fit, pick Steyn to swing it. And maybe look to Pollock ahead of Nel, because if there`s a bit of seam movement around, Polly`ll find it. And Nel relies too much on pace in the wicket for extra bounce.

So if all are fit, I`d go with Steyn, Ntini, Pollock, Kallis and Harris. If Steyn`s not fit, stick in Zondeki ahead of Nel, but Polly must play at Kingsmead IMO. If it`s soft, slow and greenish, bowl 1st to make the most of the early moisture, and take your chances. It`s the batsmen that`s got me more worried.......
Good day at the office with the Windies being dismissed for 139, Polly picking up 4/35 off 11 and Nel getting moer`d for 45 in 6.3 overs, but picking up 3 wickets in the process. In reply, the Proteas are 213/1 at the close, Gibbs gone for 27, Smith unbeaten on 122 and Amla on 55.

So basically, the Proteas have to get past the 2nd day`s morning session without too much damage, and try to bat for the whole day. Probably the single best day of test cricket that the Proteas have played over the past couple of years.
I only stuck around for the opening wicket, left my house, came back to fetch something and it was 33-5 or around there. So ja, the Proteas made the most of the pitch without a spinner. And are looking to steam roll the Windies to put it frankly. I haven't watched the sports news but from the score Bokmagic posted, SA are in a strong position to take the last test.
Well SA ended day 2 declaring on 556/4, with Smith, De Villiers and Prince all scoring centuries, and Amla and Kallis both getting 70-odd.

The wicket`s flattened out considerably, and WI are 23/0 in reply, still just under 400 runs behind with 3 days to play.

So how`s the weather forecast for Durbs looking Steve? Because if the rain holds off, we should be able to pull off the series win.
You right about the pitch, flat already and it's only day 3. Not your usual test match pitch. The bowlers are gonna have to put in some extra effort.

In Pretoria at the moment but a few mates in DBN say it's baking. However it could rain soon. Probably only on the 5th day they reckon.

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