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Rock Band Finally Here!


Goth Power

The long wait is over, and to make it even sweeter I now have a week off work so got plenty of time to kick ass.

Anyone else get hold of it, kinda wanna jam with some TRF'ers!

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Rock Band is a Video Game where you can play songs using toy guitars, drums and a Microphone.

It looks hella fun but it hasn't come out in my country yet and now that Guitar Hero World Tour has been revealed I am now giving Rock Band the dodge because all I want to play is the drums and the Guitar Hero Drum set is awesome.
Completed Drums on medium, and half way through guitar on expert, still getting to grips with it but enjoying it.

Had a go with the missus last night, singing, drums and she tried guitar too, was a lot of fun.

I didn't know there was so much dloadable content to choose from, over a 100 tracks...couldn't believe it!

When is it released in your country then?
We haven't even got a release date yet!. A tentative date is 31 October lol!. EA dropped the ball here and now for them it is too late, Guitar Hero World Tour has got my dollars.

The american version of Rockband which is region free is available through our Trade Me auction site but but I'm not spending close to $500 bucks for it.

I just want to try the drums, been wanting too for ages and by the looks of and sounds of things Guitar Hero World Tour is going to give me more "bang" for my buck.
yeah, from what I've heard it's just a way for people who can't be bothered to learn to play an instrument to play with their friends in a band.
seems like an alright idea, not my kinda thing though, more because I can honestly say it's nothing compared to playing in a band for real than anything else
kick pedal for the drums is apparently rather weak. was listening to latest gamescoop podcast on ign and I think it was a reader question or something and 2 of the ign guys said their kick pedals had cracked in half too. another one finally got a replacement guitat or something after waiting 5 months for it.
I hope people realise that playing the drums in real life is only exciting to a seven year old, otherwise is dull, repetitive and impossable to make yourself look cool. Unless you're playing them on the battlefield. Drums in Guitar Hero will be as gimmicky as the entire Wii console.

As for Singing in Rock Band, nobody bought Songstar for the PS2 and Kariokie machines are much cheeper then 360s, or even free in pubs.

Teh Mite,
Bodhran, Snare and battle re-enactment drummer of many years.

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