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Round 8: W.Force v Stormers

it wud be a laugh if the force went the whole season without victory bahahaha...but then they play the cats...so...
Originally posted by Rassie@Apr 1 2006, 01:04 AM
You got yourself the first point in S14! This should count for something!

we deserved to win.
Well now you Force fans now how we have felt all year, good game we walk away with 5 points so I happy! :cheers:
Die........... all of you DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally posted by Rassie@Apr 1 2006, 01:30 AM
How come you didn`t go to the Subiaco ?
I thought it was on tomorrow night....... until i checked the guide a few hours before the game.

I'm glad i didn't now ........... i would have killed someone after the siren (i also would have missed the Tahs beating the Cheaters :p )
Well that was the Forces best chance to win. Can't see them getting a win now, they can't have too many home games left either.

We seem to have become the new SA in Super 14. SA teams have really improved, all 5 of them.
Well then that was interesting... man what a close game!
Force can take away a lot from that game... good running, good forward play... think the defining factor that let the Force down was maturity... few bad passes, one REALLY bad kick.

Think the Force supporters should be stoked as well as the Stormers fans. Very close game.
Bonus point Win to the Stormers! :blink: :D
Looks like the Force aren't going to win at home this season. How good though was that scrum by the Stormers in the last few moments of the game !!!! :blink: :cheers: