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Scotland v AB's


ecks tartan army

i know there were rumours about Frank fielding an "B-team" to avoid injuries, however after Saturdays performance, i believe on home soil Scotland could give the AB's a serious run for their money. the question is, does hadded risk it and go out in search of a very unlikely win, and an "easy"QF versus Ireland (in the proses risking injuries that could see us go down to Italy), or does he play safe and take risk taking on the French in paris in the next round?

what does everyone think FH will decide to do?


We were talking about the same thing from Italy's point of view:


I can see Berbizier having a fling, but the Scots are probably too cute to go running in to brick walls. For the ABs, it might be an interesting prospect, having those crash-ball guys banging in to their centre partnership all day long.

An Tarbh

A victory with your full side over our B team and suddenly Scotland can put it up to the All Blacks, I think it's time for a dose of realism. If and it is a big if in my opinion but if the Scots get past the Italians they'll still lose their quarter final, regardless of whoever out of the 3 qualifies, so no point in fielding a B team, taking a drubbing and having confidence completely shot ahead of a quarter final.


Personally I don't see them getting close to the All Blacks regardless of whatever team they put out. I don't think there will be any advantage at all in winning the pool rather than getting second as they will have a very similar strength quarter-final opponent either way, as who gets 1st and 2nd in the other pool out of Ireland, France, and Argentina is very debatable. As such from a Scottish perspective I would concentrate on winning against Italy, as they are much more likely to win this game and go through than the All Blacks game...

I Bleed Black

Well I think Scotland still need to play it smart and concentrate on Italy first and foremost. The best way to do that is to field your best against the ABs, with the first choice combinations and use it as experience. Too late into the comp to be wrapping up your best in cotton wool, Give it a crack, pick your best 22 and believe. That is the only way you will reach the Quarters and possibly further.

My opinion is that Scotlands chances on making the Quarters are very very good, and Im picking them to make a nuisance of themselves against France, while the ABs go past Argentina into the Semis. You heard it here first! :bravo:


Not being 1 eye'd or anything BUT...

If what ever team the ABs deside to field for scotland and Scotland end up beating them, id say every Scottish player that played in that match

buy your self a lotto ticket...lol

The chances of that happening would be like me winning 3mil :)

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