The slippery slope of transfer speculation.

Discussion in 'The Clubhouse Bar' started by bread07, Oct 7, 2008.

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    Australian Super rugby has always had a pretty predictable transfer environment. New South Wales largely had the deepest pool and always had a wealth of players to choose from. Queensland was much the same where as ACT took a lot of the scraps from NSW and to a lesser extent Queensland and molded them using the very effective ACT training techniques.

    With the advent of the Force this all changed, the depth of Queensland and NSW on the creation of the Force was hardly what it should have been, interest in Rugby Union was waning, perhaps because of the non-performance of the Wallabies and the tendency of the Australian general public to only support winners. ACT and Europe shared the spoils in the form of the players who didn’t play for NSW and QLD and there was not much meat on the bone after they took their cut, so the only option for the Force was to take players from the established powers to create a team from scratch. From then on player transfers became a word which held much of the meaning that it does in many other sports and regions throughout the world.

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