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Touch tries



Hardly a major concern, but is there a way to do a straight forward touch try rather than diving over the line every time? (PS2).
I aint done one yet. Cant remember if I stood dead still and pressed the button though. Although to be fair you very rarely get the chance.
I have done 2, one when my guy just jumped up and caught it the other when i was just right under the posts.

I think I know how to do them, just stand over the line, no directional buttons and just press X (or whatever button you use to put the ball down)
When I saw the name of this topic I thought you would be referring to the bloody frustrating way that if you are running diagonally towards the corner and press X to dive for the corner to avoid the covering tackle, when your player decides to launch himself into orbit and dive almost onto the advertising boards. Turns out you werem't but I thought I'd let you know anyway.