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(2022 Rugby Championship - Round 3) - New Zealand v Argentina. Saturday 27 August 2022

Argen-tina! Argen-tina!
Argen-tina! Argen-tina!
Argen-tina! Argen-tina!
Argen-tina! Argen-tina!
Oh boy. The media is not gonna like this one. But as I've said since the end of last international season, and the start of this. The Bledisloe is on the line this season.

When the game is tight, and the impact we can put on is Christie, Tupaea, and Perofeta on debut...

They played as equal to us today, without the ABs handling errors, and a lot less turnovers.
Lose Bledisloe, go north and lose to Scotland. Who bets against it right now...?
Los Pumas what a win!!. I have to say though, that was a hopeless performance from the ABs. That Ellis Park performance was an aberration clearly. Yet again, a team matches NZ up front and makes it a scrap and the All Blacks just lose their discipline. Argentina outfought and outsmarted the ABs. Pleased for Cheika actually after so many failures in New Zealand with the Wallabies.
Congratulations argentina, well played.

From the all blacks, That was terrible. Worst game of the year. Clearly the relief from winning After all the pressure was not what they needed in order to get up for this game. They looked nervous when they ran onto the field. They are drained. They got flustered. They're a wreck.

The attack was the worst it's been all year. What a shame. Instead of building we went back to square one; Schmidt came in and simplified things, probably with an aim to build piece by piece, but would have been better if we had a transition rather starting from scratch.

Argentina definitely played well though. But what was that. Disconnection. To be fair it's not like we have the players we have previously had. Sure Clarke and jordan and ione can run. But who can pass? And who can make ground midfield? And who can think? Players in the past have been the product of years of good coaching too; at the top levels and below.

But no, it's that calm confidence and cohesion, connectedness; it's just not there. They're going to find it hard to turn around. I don't know how they will.
I have to say it. I've never seen ABs at such a low level. As it lacks renowned players
Well played Los Pumas. Great result. Looked like they wanted it more. Didn't even bother to bring most of their set piece with them.

ABs looked shorn of confidence and short of class and direction.

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