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Board Upgrade



We have just purchased the upgrade for the Board, and will be getting it implemented soonish, this will result in some downtime to the board, but its all for the better so we can offer you a much improved system...

Dan and I, are both willing to invest in the boards to try and make it a success...

I will keep you informed with the latest developments...


The layout is nowhere near as good.

Totally preliminary.

We've lost all the mods we had, for example the rugby balls to signify new posts. There's a lot of work that we need to do yet, this is just the start.
I think the previous layout was more clear and simple. [/b]

Well all I can say now is that it has changed, we are not going back, I like it, I am still working on it, we will take your concerns into account but I cant guarentee that it will improve, but look into ways... The thing is this change is good to the board its a new life to the boards...

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