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Castres v Wasps - Pool 1


An Tarbh

Possibly the hardest match of the weekend to call here, given Wasps away record this season you'd be putting most of your money on Castres, but it's hard to write off a team that has won this competition so an extremely tough afternoon is in prospect for Castres.

The fact that they have to get the bonus point certainly gives Wasps an edge but they are more than capable of getting the full haul.

Still not sure what the outcome for the pool will be but I'd be surprised if Castres don't win the match.
Half time and Wasps are going nicely against Castres, only leading 9-6 at half time and Castres with chances to level the scores but Ross has missed 2 pens before the break.

Set up nicely for the second half, if Wasps win they have a home quarter final, if Castres win then it's quite likely we'll have a repeat of their epic semi final of 2004 with Munster.
Too little, too late for Castres. Should have been flinging it wide earlier, because they made ground on the outside.

Ref had an odd game.

Lawrence won't see international rugby again. Castres 6 was great in the loose, and Reddan was good.

Fairly dull stuff.
Lewis really has gone down in my estimation as a ref, I don't know how many warnings he gave to Wasps, at one stage he said about Shaw, that's his third offence, next time I'll consider a card. Wasps certainly had the rub of the green with Lewis today.

That said Castres made some pretty poor decisions at times.

Will certainly be an interesting game between Wasps and Paris.
Definitely a huge battle and not much flair in this one - I would have expected to see Castres maul themselves over more than once in this match, having said that i think Lewis definitely could have sent a few Wasps in the bin for coming in on the side especially on one occasion where they were close to the line in the 2nd half might even have merited a penalty try, great performance by the old warhorse Ibanez though throwing himself about.