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Celtic League Thread 05/06

Ulster champs.

Edinburgh weren't at all good, but what do you expect when it's our reserve side? Leinster looked shakey to start but when they went 2 tries up it looked game over. I must congratulate the SRU on that move, we're stuck in 5th place and that doesn't reflect on our season all that well. A full strength Gunners would have won that game tonight. If we had gone into this game with a shot at the ***le, would the players have been rested?

Brynes (Leinster no4) was a really dirty *******. Kept trying to pick a fight with Mustchin all match and then at a line out around the 60th min started throwing punches for no good reason. Chunk (Jacobson) jumped in and hammered the **** out of him and all hell broke loose. Chunk and Byrnes were binned.

So overall, a good season for the Gunners. We made a couple of mistakes along the way which cost us a shot at the ***le (away to Glasgow and the Borders, at home to Cardiff). A bit more consistency and we could have won that. I'm looking forward to next year though.
I think every team can look back on games they should have won, Leinster, Munster and Cardiff are no different. Next season should be even better, especially with a sponsor on board and a new tv deal in the offing as well.
next year will be fantastic and im predicting a strong welsh challenge as well as the three big irish sides, and the gunners will be top 5 next season in what will be a very close league.
Might only be 10 teams though as one of the Scottish sides may go. Possibly Glasgow as they haven't qualified for the Heineken Cup. Hopefully we'll get a new gaffer in after Blackadder left tonight, but bar a second row replacement for Kellock and a sub full back as Leonelli has left, we don't really need any new players. Our team is young and full of Scottish talent. Munro, next canadian stand off, is impressive and will be a good sub for Godman.
ummm.... i do think that the gunners may need a bit more depth as they seem to get put to the sword during the internationals.
Originally posted by loratadine@May 27 2006, 09:57 AM
ummm.... i do think that the gunners may need a bit more depth as they seem to get put to the sword during the internationals.
Well we've got a big enough squad, it's just that they are inexperienced. We did OK during the autumn internationals this year, but the six nations shafted our shot at the ***le. It'll be interesting to see who our new gaffer will bring in, I'm all for young Scottish talent but I would like to see some more experienced foreigners like Mustchin, who has been brilliant for us this season, to see us through those games. Consistency might is the key aswell. We got going and looked like we may be up there, but our consistency went with the 6 Nations and when we got it going again, our players were removed for a pointless uncapped match. We need some a coupel of other back 3 players. Leonelli is away to the land of poverty and I don't rate Pyke at all. Dewey when he comes back should be great as a crash ball centre, he scored alot of tries before injury from crash balls. I think we'll be one of the many ***le challengers, the others being Munster, Leinster, The Ospreys and the Blues. Scarlets at an outside chance, but they need to bring in more players. One player in Stephen Jones won't make a difference.

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