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Edinburgh v Leinster - Pool 2


An Tarbh

Don't know which way to call this one, on paper Leinster are the stronger team and considering the form of the 2 teams last weekend this should be an away win but what does paper and form count for on the day, sod all. As well as that it's hard to judge the form between the 2 teams as whenever they play it's rarely the 2 full sides against each other, can't remember the last time that's happened, if ever in the Celtic league and the HEC matches from 2000 aren't relevant either. I know it's going against all logic but I just have that gut feeling that Edinburgh will pull this one off.
Not against all logic. Edinburgh are a good team, no idea how many times I need to say this to you. The result is maybe cruel to us, considering we came from 13-0 down at lead away from home, to have it cruely snatched away from us and our away form has never been much to shout about. We've been strong all season at Murrayfield and we're shaping into a quality team.

Edinburgh win.
doubt edinburgh will win this one

leinster coming off a huge game against gloucester, i just cant see their form dropping at all and gettin beat by edinburgh
me neither

but i do think people show a huge amount of disrespect towards edingburgh, which is a shame, cos they are in the top 12 sides in europe.
We'll see DC. No team wants to come to Murrayfield. Afterall, where did Ulster's unbeaten run end? We've played and beaten better sides here before. We shouldn't be crapping ourselves.
Right then. Any news on the injuries to Webster and Paterson and are Hogg and Taylor both out as well?
We'll see DC. No team wants to come to Murrayfield. Afterall, where did Ulster's unbeaten run end? We've played and beaten better sides here before. We shouldn't be crapping ourselves.

the stadium you play in doesnt make the difference, the players on the pitch in the stadium is what matters

and i just cant seem to invision leinster losing this one.
Well both Wasps and Llanelli have lost at home to Edinburgh which proves they're no mugs plus Leinster just don't seem to take Scottish teams seriously which has been to our detriment.
No team news yet. Hogg may be out, I spoke to him a few weeks back and he had a broken elbow. Rennie is just as capable though. Paterson should be back aswell.

DC, I'm not talking about the stadium I mean our home form. It's not exactly encouraging for away teams (3 home defeats in all of last year, and none yet this season).
seriously, i think leinster will win, but im not gunna be at all surprised if edinburgh win cos they are a top notch side.
Both teams have been named with the big news being the return of Chris Paterson to lead the Gunners and Webster also plays. For Leinster the only possible change will be the return of Chris Whitaker who will start if fit but otherwise Willis will play again.

Edinburgh: 15. Hugo Southwell, 14. Chris Paterson ©, 13. Marcus Di Rollo, 12. Rob Dewey, 11. Simon Webster, 10. Phil Godman, 9. Mike Blair, 1. Allan Jacobsen, 2. Dougie Hall, 3. Alasdair Dickinson, 4. Matt Mustchin, 5. Scott Murray, 6. Alasdair Strokosch, 7. Ross Rennie, 8. David Callam
Replacements: 16. Andrew Kelly, 17. Craig Smith, 18. Steven Turnbull, 19. Alan MacDonald, 20. Greig Laidlaw, 21. Duncan Hodge, 22. Ben Cairns

Leinster: 15. Girvan Dempsey, 14. Shane Horgan, 13. Brian O'Driscoll ©, 12. Gordon D'Arcy, 11. Denis Hickie, 10. Felipe Contepomi, 9. Chris Whitaker/Cillian Willis, 1. Ronan McCormack, 2. Brian Blaney, 3. Will Green, 4. Trevor Hogan, 5. Malcolm O'Kelly, 6. Stephen Keogh, 7. Keith Gleeson, 8. Jamie Heaslip.
Replacements: 16. Harry Vermaas, 17. Reggie Corrigan, 18. Owen Finegan, 19. Cameron Jowitt, 20. Cillian Willis/Andy Dunne, 21. Kieran Lewis, 22. Luke Fitzgerald.
man oh man leinster has one solid 10-15 good to see hickie back, he's been playing well this year
his achilles injury at the world cup brought a premature end to his international career though, still producing the goods for Leinster though even if he has lost a touch of pace.
What a match, what a finish, thought Leinster had it but great finish from Hodge with the drop.
Was a great game, but let's be honest Leinster had the officials on their side. The freekick from the first try wasn't fair, given that the scrum half wasn't feeding the ball quick enough and it wasn't from the mark (has to be infront of the ref, not behind). The 2nd try came from a forwad pass. Constant crossing from Leinster players went unpunnished and the ref should have brandished some more yellows than he did.

Now for my gloating:

DC, An Tarbh, Loratadine - no disrespect but GET IT ROOOOND YE!
You can take your gloating and shove it up your arse, go and read my comments on the match.

Ref was equally bad for both teams.
Twas banter ye silly fud.

Anyway, the ref was far worse for Edinburgh and there can be absolutley no denying that.
the penalty count suggests otherwise.

and i'm too angry at the moment to tell the difference, f*** sake leinster, there goes a home qaurter final or less of an away one as the case would have been
no its not done yet, theyve got a chance still for a home quarter, gotta win out though.

f***in hodge

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