Ireland Or France?

Discussion in 'Rugby World Cup 2007' started by decro435, Sep 18, 2007.


Ireland Or France?

  1. Ireland

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  2. France

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  1. decro435

    decro435 Guest

    Who will get out of the group of death (ignoring Argentina) ?

    Ireland or France?
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  3. RC

    RC Guest

    I'm putting my faith into the French.
    I think they'll show the class when needed and they'll do enough to get through.
    As great a pack as the two teams have got, i just feel france has that slight edge over Ireland in the backs.
  4. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    At this rate, Ireland will be taking the early flight home; That's my prediction.
  5. Jorge_A

    Jorge_A Guest

    wow i have been surprised by Argentina and in a good manner! but i really am pulling for Ireland...maybe it has to do with my bias towards liking the Irish based on their connection with Liverpool >.<

    And also i am leaning towards supporting Bristol and obviously the Irish stud they have :)
  6. shazbooger

    shazbooger Guest

    Heart says Ireland. Head says France by 10 points.

    Now with the logic out of the way, I'm saying Ireland :)

    (Of course we all need to remember this poll becomes useless once people refuse to use their heads to vote)
  7. Ihsaan

    Ihsaan Guest

    I'd much prefer Ireland, but I'll be different and actually use my head.

    Ireland have been awful, there's no denying it, and France have managed to gain momentum going into the vital clash; something Ireland couldn't do even with the easiest matches to start them up.
  8. eoino

    eoino Guest

    F**k it all. Both are just terrible. Not a hope!

    Ireland could rise to the situation, cuz Georgia wernt a weak opposition, even held the Argis back, and got more momentem going into the Ireland match when Ireland were gaining less momentum and getting worse, and still won, so Im saying it could be ireland on their day, or france on theirs, but ireland always play good as underdogs, remember the good oul days of always being underdogs... well he's another chance! GO ON IRELAND you's gaylords
  9. stormmaster1

    stormmaster1 Guest

    Still a chance for both to get through!!!

    Not likely though. Ireland to go home early i think
  10. davesigma

    davesigma Guest

    ireland are gonners, i think would be huge upset if ireland beat france based on results thus far, ireland did win both games but only just against two minnows!
  11. YoNeL

    YoNeL Guest

    i think france but the quater finals vs all blacks is going to be difficult
  12. LELO

    LELO Guest

    I think chances are 60% - 40% of france, but Irish team is quite angry and maybe they'll do anything surprising. In fact it is the last chance for Ireland to show their real strength.
  13. yusef_2004

    yusef_2004 Guest

    I think chances are 90% france, 10% ireland
  14. shtove

    shtove Guest

    Both - Arg are going to go out.
  15. Eternal Idol

    Eternal Idol Guest

    :lol2tn: :lol2tn: :lol2tn:
  16. eze76

    eze76 Guest

    ireland out
  17. Karmabass

    Karmabass Guest

    You've got that backwards.
  18. jaco

    jaco Guest

    I really hope Ireland makes it but the way they are playing now they will not make it.
  19. nam97

    nam97 Guest

    Most neutrals seem to be rooting for Ireland. I'm wanting and hoping and also know that France will nudge the Irish out. 31-13 is what I predict. France are full of class and will bounce back with a big performance. I'm predicting more of the same crap Ireland seem to be churning out lately.

    Allez Les Bleus
  20. kbxa

    kbxa Guest

    france 30-ireland 15...thats my prediction, nobody gets a bonus...
  21. RC

    RC Guest

    You've got that backwards. [/b][/quote]

    No, no.

    Wingers and fullback - France win that contest.
    ScrumHalf - Elisalde's the man
    Centre's are such a close call.
    Fly Half (if Michalak is playing) may go ireland's way

    Hence the reason I BELIEVE that france have the slight edge in the backs.
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