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I managed to get a couple.

I will find the rest later.

hmmm is that Richie McCaw with his socks down ?? little more detail into players aye. Looks like they made the Leg muscles look a little better. Looks pretty much the same to me.
When I open the link to enlarge the screenshots they don't work...anyone know how to fix this?
sounds like a typical ea game to me....

full of features and full of crap
Well, the players look like their namesakes this time, I guess that's a good start.

Now for the gameplay...

(pffft... Who am I kidding).
Originally posted by SaintsFan_Webby@Dec 5 2005, 06:13 PM
The Welsh team appear to have lost their Brains...
I really shouldn't have laughed at that...
is that to do with the new laws, something about not having alcohol advertised in games under 18?
I think were all well versed in the fact that graphics mean little to nothing if the gameplay isnt there.

Lets hope they have ironed out the bugs of R2005 as it at least showed promise if a few things could have been sorted.

Namely the animations stopping free play, the awful camera angle, and the attrocious ball physics. Straight from pong off the spectrum they were.
looks the exact same as last years version. If you hadn't told me i would have said it was Rugby 2005.