Sonny Bill injured - again

Discussion in 'NRL / Southern Hemisphere' started by St Helens RLFC, Feb 15, 2006.

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  2. what you on about?..he is fit,ofcourse hes fit there is nothing wrong with his fitness but he is very injury prone due to his anxiety to continue to play..injuries upon injuries he needs to settle down and just focus on healing

    hows being fit got anything to do with this?
  3. He isn't fit because he's injured.... :S
  4. oh in that term...

    whats fitness got to do with injuries..i hate that term hows he to prevent this? being fit? constantly training at which he injured himself on more than 2 occasion for lengthy terms?

    explain that pleez
  5. Mrs SHRLFC

    Mrs SHRLFC Guest


    If you're injured you're classed as not being fit, maybe it's an English phrase. :unsure:
  6. When we say someone "isn't fit" they might be out of shape, or they might be injured. Lost in translation, I suppose.
  7. cavan

    cavan Guest

    Being not injured - Fit
    Ready to play a full game 100% - Match Fit

    You all agree?
  8. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    I stated months ago when he had his dodgy knee that the medical staff stated he has a arthritic problem

    his knees are that of a 30yr old already..........which is why its taking so long to recover from a 6 month injury

    this new case of stress fractures which has apprantly 'baffled' the bulldogs, is just confirmation his bones are made of glass

    his career is over........before it really began

    u wont see much of him and when we do, he will never be the force he was when he was fit, a year or 2 ago.

    goodbye sonny bill............ :bleh!:
  9. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    your just jelous :)
  10. oh i all the ugly girls over n england are injured then?

    i see now so every un-injured chick in nz is 'fit'

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    jus kidding
    *side note...ali g taught me how to speak englands native language


  11. sonny bill needs to not rush back into the game directly after being cleared of an injury.
    he should probably go to the following game.
  12. Hmm...alot of Bulldogs fans are saying what a waste of money he is.

    Ive never said that...and i never will. :)

    Yes, he may be injured alot of the time, but c'mon hes only 20, give him time. :bana:

    And when he's back, steamrolling over other players...those fans that are saying what a waste of $400,000 will be his biggest fans!!

    I also think it was wrong of the Bulldogs last year to play him when we played souths, and he got injured straight away...we were one week out from the bye, they should have waited and rested him. <_<
  13. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    his days are over

    sure he is 20, but his joints are 30
  14. umosay

    umosay Guest


    Bit of a flop now eh... why is it Johns, Benji, SBW are all so injury prone yet their supposedly the best?
  15. We shall see in round 6....when he is ment to be back.
  16. indeed his bones will wear an tear..depending on whether something special happens i think he may retire from all sport before turns 31..unless ofcourse he plays poker and ends up on americas greatest sports programming network..

    samething with matt utai i heard..he has a really wrecked ankle with surgery on it like a dozen times and hes only playing till it gives out which could be any time
  17. I hope SBW does play till he's 31...cos im moving over to aussie when im like 18...19..or20...and if hes still playing i can say to him "i watched you when you were...18...when you first started playing for the bulldogs"

    Haha i'd feel pretty special :p
  18. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    its different with benji and johns

    They arent diagnosed with premature arthritis

    SBW is

    Johns didnt get an BIG BIG injury intil he was over 25
    SBW has had 3 before he is 22.........all linked to his arthritic condition, and all accelerating his arthritic symptoms

    Benji will have shoulder problems later in his career...........he is Mr Prothetic already.........his shoulder is practically artificially man made

    Johnny Wilkinson - you all give it too him.......but stick up for consistent, they are both screwed.

    The Raiders' Michael Weyman same boat - touted the next best thing, but has only played 12 games in 3 seasons...@21.........needs a miracle, coz the body already has man made parts all thru it........
    the long seasons, and the increase in professionalism is really taking its toll on Rugby League players now
  19. Actually Sonny has had 3 before he is 21...he's only 20.

    I believe he can bounce back....well...i hope he can :(
  20. Johns is overrated ak47. but because of this, I know about his problems, tell me more about BENJI MARSHALL. I know he has some shoulder injuries, but maybe they're worse than I thought judging by the contents of this thread....
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