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Wasps v Treviso - Pool 1


An Tarbh

Nothing more than 5 points should be expected from this fixture despite the recent improvements in the form of Treviso which bear in mind were against a much weaker lineup than they would have expected were those pools still alive but valid improvements nonetheless and should they avoid complacency then Wasps shouldn't have any difficulties this Sunday.
Wasps shouldn't have any difficulties this Sunday [/b]
they won't

there's a huge difference between the two sides, and Treviso isn't going to start with their better lineup, they miss:
rest: Stuart Legg, Antonio Pavanello, Alvaro Tejeda
injuries: Matteo Barbini, Salvatore Costanzo, Marco Filippucci, Dale Heidtmann, Silvio Orlando, Scott Palmer, Brendan Williams

the youngsters Sgarbi (20) Sartoretto (22) and Ceccato (21) will play their first international match

Wasps by 48

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